Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cowgirl Up!

So, I'm having a little fun with this dress-up thing...I mean how often do I get to wear a cowgirl hat and boots?  Seems to me, about twice a year - rodeo weekend and now for the Third Annual VOA Barn Dance Fundraiser.  It may be that I grew up much of my life in Wyoming and should be quite familiar with this apparel.  However, I'm just a city girl gone country.  When I look around me surrounded by "real" country western gals, who actually know why they wear a cowgirl hat and boots other than for a fashion statement, I know I have no business calling myself one.  I like to do country with a little city flare.  Truth is, however, I'm either here nor there.  "City" doesn't define me and "Country Western" doesn't define me.  

Someone once told me I could get away with looking the look of several different ethic groups depending on what I wear.  I enjoy that versatility yet, not even my own true ethnicity defines me. I'm just a girl seeking her full identity in Christ and having fun with making up the rest as I go.  

So, here is my rendition of cowgirl-ing it up for the VOA Barn Dance this past weekend:

First Cowgirl Boots EVER
My Stetson
A Marriage of Boots

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