Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leading with Abandon

I have been writing a lot about Robby starting kindergarten this week and I can't stop here.

Up to this year, Robby's learning has always contained a biblical/Christian component to it's curriculum. Therefore, incorporated into the learning atmosphere, his classes have always prayed.   That was one loss I grieved when we decided to send him to public school.  He would not be led in prayer anymore.  "But we still would pray at home," I consoled.

This was a detail his dad and I casually mentioned in preparation for school. We told him that they would not pray at school but, he could still pray if he wanted to.  Of course, he could hardly understand why they wouldn't pray at this school. We briefly explained that not everybody believes in God and Jesus or prays, and left it at that.

I was just visiting with a friend.  One we have known since Robby and her daughter were babies, who were class mates in pre-kindergarten, and now are in the same kindergarten class.  This friend sent me an electronic message yesterday asking me if I knew our kids were praying at school before lunch.  In fact, I did.  Robby told us he had prayed and said he saw his classmate praying, too.  My friend continued to say that, on the first day of school, Robby sat down to eat his lunch and said, "I'm going to pray."  And he did so quietly. So, her girl did, too.

These two kinderg√§rtner's have been praying before lunch everyday now since the first day of school.

This overwhelms and humbles my heart. I only pray that they will continue to lead with this kind of abandon throughout their years.

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  1. We found out the same thing with the boy at HIS school! Good old Principal H. told Hubs and I one day, "The boy bows his head and quietly prays over his lunch every day at school." Hopefully, you and I can continue to have such humble warriors as sons...


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