Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas is here!  Tree is cut, decorations up, advent calendar out, music on, presents bought (with just a few to go), cards going out, baking started...snow on the ground. It's definitely beginning to look and feel like Christmas.

I like what I see when I look around...

As beautiful as it is, however, what it is that I see is not just a lit up tree.  I see a tree with a football blazing past it by none other than Drew's two-year-old athletic arm.  I see wonder and anticipation as the tree goes up and lights turn on.  And as soon as that tree goes up, I see an instinctual spirit of giving in Robby and Alexa, who immediately race down to their rooms and begin wrapping their own toys for each other with computer paper and tape to put under the tree - immediately.  

I love what I hear...

Christmas music fills the home yet, I hear laughter, screaming, squealing; even whining, bickering and complaining out-playing the music in volume...sounds that fill the heart.

I love what I smell...

I smell cinnamon every time I walk past the pine cones. I smell chocolate melting and peppermint balls waiting to be dipped.  Yet, would the aroma be as indulging without little fingers to help lick a bowl or to retrieve the first completed holiday treat?

I love how I feel...

I feel warmth by the fire that sets an unbelievable ambiance in conjunction with a little music and a well-lit tree in a dark room.  Yet, the bodies snuggled into me as we read a bedtime story, a good-night kiss, the love and kindness in my man's eyes and the closeness with him is what brings my heart the most warmth.  

You see, I absolutely love the way the tree, lights, and decorative colors enrich our house over the Christmas season. Yet, without the children taring through the house yelling, screaming, and laughing; without the football blazing through the air and even hitting the flat screen TV once (Oops!); without the runny noses, whining, holding, snuggling, disciplining, loving...the spirit of Christmas would be lacking in this house.  

It's the spirit of Christmas that enriches our hearts. Christmas and all the trimmings make us happy. Christ's birth and His gifts to us bring us joy. That is the true spirit of Christmas. 

May the spirit of Christmas bless you this year!


  1. I am almost jealous! We have no decorations up yet. We have ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY present that has been purchased. We have no baking done. The Christmas letter hasn't been composed. The Christmas card pictures are not done. We still have 23 more days, right??!!!

  2. Tammy, there is time! But it's going fast so get with it!! :)

    Notice any Nelgie purchases in some of the decorative photos???

  3. Absolutely! Love that great Neltje vase!


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