Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My splurge

Our family just got back from a vacation in Washington visiting my husband's parents over our oldest sons school spring break. It was lovely. I was able to relax, shop a little, breathe. It's always a nice break when grandma and grandpa add up to four on four rather than the usual two on four with my husband and I and our four children. And our children love their time with grandma and grandpa!

We spent a couple of days in Seattle, WA. We went to the Children's Museum - since apparently the Science Center is closed on Tuesdays. But, that would have been our third time there and we had never been to the other so it worked out! Plus, touring the Science Center would have just rubbed our noses in the fact that we were there just three days shy of the Star Wars display!

That evening, my husband took my oldest son (seven) to a Seattle Sounders soccer game with my son's uncle and grandpa (boy time). The next day we all went to the Aquatic Center.

But, not before I went shopping!

Okay, so I am a clearance rack girl. I love a bargain! However, certain things I will spend money on, like shoes and jeans - but, I keep it under $100, much closer to $50.Yes, that is being spendy for me.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines splurge as, "to indulge oneself extravagantly."  I don't splurge. I don't get manicures and pedicures, rarely visit a spa for a massage, I don't buy a lot of accessories, and I definitely don't buy designer clothes.

So, hopefully you will be able to appreciate it when I say, Wednesday morning my mother-in-law and I made a b-line from our hotel down town Seattle to the closest Starbucks just up the street, then headed directly to the second floor of Nordstroms, on a mission to find a pair of designer jeans. I feel a little guilty and frivolous typing that, but it was absolutely delightful. I was 100% waited on by a knowledgeable sales person. I never left the dressing room.  And the size of jean that I thought I was? Let's just say I would have never picked out the right designer jean for myself. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous. I hope they still fit I still love them when they come in the mail tailored to my height - and non-refundable.

A style similar to these

It felt good to splurge. I think a hard-working mom needs to do that every now and then. I know that makes me sound deserving, which is not the case really and not everything that feels good is good or necessarily responsible. But, it's the kind of good that feels like I accomplished something.

I have been wanting a good jean for some time now and determined I was willing spend the bucks. A plan that, for me, could only be achieved in-store, not on-line, as I must try jeans on and the closest Nordstroms is approximately 400 miles away. So, three years and two babies later we're in Seattle and I decide to go for it!

Yes, a tasteful, extravagant indulgence - and I loved every second of it!


  1. Hey! Glad to hear things are well and that you had a great vacation!!

    You go, Girl! I can DEFINITELY relate to how you spend money. I'm the same way! A few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to Nordstrom Rack ... bascially all that you'd find at Nordstroms but the bargain versions! Love it...but I don't go often! :) It's dangerous!

    I have to admit that I'm a wee bit jealous that you got a tailored pair of jeans! :-) Ah, for a pair of jeans that don't run past my toes and out into the street!! Everyone mama deserves a great pair of jeans ... we wear 'em a lot! Happy for you!

  2. I'm so with you. I'd rather spend money on buying more items than just 1, but sometimes a gal has got to splurge a little. :)

  3. I don't splurge often either. And trying on jeans is a nightmare. But your way sounds like fun and worth the extra $$. How many pairs of jeans have we bought and then don't wear because they're uncomfortable or we don't think they look right. Now that's a waste of money.

    All the best and keep updating us on your heavenly glimpses.

  4. I'm so glad you ladies can relate! Thank you for leaving a comment. I love them.


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