Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Deep Breath

I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo this morning at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday with the writing prompt:
Deep Breath…


I’ve noticed that when I am short, edgy and impatient, my breaths are short, too. They are shallow like my temperament.

Tonight, I stand in their bedrooms and I bark orders knowing this is not how I capture their hearts. Yet, I am tired and I cannot find the softness in me. I make myself walk away.

I pray, although I don’t want to. I pray in those short, shallow breaths.

“Change me, Lord. Soften my heart.” {A breath} “Help me to show them love. May I show them grace? May I feel compassion in this heart?” {Bigger breath} “Open my eyes. Allow me to see how my short, harsh words hurt, although nobody may visually be negatively affected. Allow me to see a bigger picture; to see who I am training my children to be in the carelessness of my temperment. Move me to inhale, deep, humility and exhale the frustration, impatience, and pride.” {Deeper breath} “Thank you, Lord. Forgive me. Thank you.”

{Deep breath}


Now it’s your turn!


  1. Yes, what a great representation. You described a feeling I've experienced, as well. This prayer is powerful: "Soften my heart."

    I love your blog, by the way! Nice to meet you through The Gypsy Mama.

  2. Wow. Beautiful! "Allow me to see how my short, harsh words hurt, although nobody may visually be negatively affected." I'm right there with you! We need to think about every word we say to them. I can see your heart through this post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Breath prayers. Love it. Thanks for sharing. With Joy, Carey

  4. I get this. Although my own two children are well into their twenties, I'm a middle school literacy teacher. You described my day...and the inner thoughts I pray.

  5. Thank you for being the very first to commenton my new blog!!! It's nice to meet you!

  6. OH!! love this! all! Bill Bright that founded Campus Crusade, who we work with, coined a term 'spiritual breathing' and that is what you've described!! I love it...and well, you have 4, this is crazy! I know how I can be with 2! and was it at Ann's, a quote from her mom, 'it's not that you mess up, but what you do with it'...and you, this is what you did!

    p.s. prayer card arriving soon!!:-)


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