Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Every Day

I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama this morning for Five Minute Friday with the writing prompt...

Every Day


I stagger down the hall adjusting my eyes. I get a glimpse of the morning as I approach the living room and peer out the picture window, thanking Him for a new and glorious day. I turn on the gas stove, grab my books, and set them on the coffee table. Then stagger over to the kitchen, making my way to the coffee maker ready and waiting to brew. I turn it on.

{I cringe every morning at the loud sound of the grinder...the children never wake up.}

I make my way back to the living room, grab the lamb’s wool blanket and plop myself on the couch, all curled up. I sit for a moment gazing at the fireplace, then out the window again. I take it in - the peace, the quiet, the reverence. I open my study book - bible near by. I pray, then begin to read. I am not fully attentive, however. I am waiting for the "beep----beep----beep----beep" of the coffee maker announcing my cup of goodness is ready. 

I will myself to get back up and go to the kitchen. I pour the coffee into the mug and watch the black turn the white French Vanilla cream into a perfect creamy---darker cream color. I take the mug back to the couch, curl up, and take a gulp. I take it in once again - the peace, the quiet, the reverence. His Glory.

This is the start of my day, EVERY DAY. This is my time to fill up before I pour out. This time is is nothing less than Heavenly.


Now its your turn! Give it your best five minutes!


  1. Fabulous! That's how I start my mornings as well with only slight variation and it's life to my soul. Unfortunately my children have started waking up earlier, as it's been getting lighter earlier, and disturbing that sacred time. So I set the alarm earlier, and they awakened earlier as well. So I'm becoming more creative in claiming that quiet time and at times inviting them to join me.

  2. Oh, I love this: This is the start of my day, EVERY DAY. This is my time to fill up before I pour out. This time is is nothing less than Heavenly.

    I was just commenting on someone else's post that I need to be more disciplined in how I start my mornings. Why do I care what my friends say, more than I care what Jesus says?

  3. Teresa. I loved your post about your morning ritual. I know that it is in these early moments that God readies us for our busy day. Here is my morning ritual.

    My cell phone starts vibrating as I reach for it before it wakes my husband up. I stagger out of bed and head to the kitchen for my hot pick me up. And, instead of settling in on the couch with my bible study, I pick up Bridger's leash and push my feet into my tennis shoes. I step outside, take a deep breath, and look upon the glory that God has created all around me. The sunrise, the lake, and the baby geese that growing each day. As I walk around the lake with Bridger bounding by my side, I start to pour my heart out. Some days my prayers are full or requests, other days they are filled with praise but, they always end with that sacred peace that is only received by God. This is my best 5 minutes.

  4. Kris, your five minutes is beautiful! I love how there are many ways to receive His glory at the start of a day. Yours reminds me to fit in some exercise, too... :)

    You need to link up to The Gypsy Mama next time!

  5. Yeah coffee!! Haha! I love how similar ours are. :) This was so peaceful, Theresa!

  6. Amen. I want this everyday (except tea instead of coffee) and have been thinking about starting up my early mornings before the kids get up yet again. What a good motivator you are!


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