Saturday, July 16, 2011

How To Get A {Creative} Hobby In 5 Simple Steps

Is there something that you know not a thing about because - well, you've never been put in a position to need to know? Like trigonometry. I've always been good with numbers, but because my Psychology degree did not require that class, I never took it. Therefore, I know not a thing about it. Or, say - gardening. I have an eye for beauty yet, have never needed to cultivate a flower garden, therefore, know not a thing about it...

up until a couple of weeks ago.

Our summer project this year has been landscaping our flower gardens around our house. After my husband, Rob, rota-tilled the ground and built up the retaining wall around the front patio, we were ready to plant - and it was up to me to devise the plan.

Only how is a girl to make decisions when she knows not a thing about it?

She schools herself on it.

And determines, in 5 simple steps, how to gain a creative hobby:

1. Read up on it. I picked up a couple of books and explored on-line to become informed.

2.Get lot's of visual ideas. I got ideas from books, magazines, on-line and around town. I began to get a vision for the outcome.

3. Ask lots of questions. I went to our local nursery with my vision and asked tons of questions, which enhanced the vision for my plan.

4. Make a plan. I sketched out the space to landscape and started etching in my ideas for shrubs and flowers - considering space, plant demands, seasons, texture, color, etc.

5. Go for it! Many questions simply did not get answered until I got started. I then could see visually how my plan would layout and started filling in the gaps.

And wah-lah, a new creative hobby. I know that each spring I will look forward to this creative beauty and will continue to prune and weed and plant and water and just take it in the moments of beauty. Life. All wrapped up in the lessons creativity offers.

Front of the House

Backside of the House


Along the Driveway

Most importantly, nothing creative should be rushed and nothing done well can be rushed. Let inspiration be your guide. 

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  1. Beautiful!! I have only gotten as far as buying the seeds...I need to get my act together. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Your garden is very pretty, what beautiful flowers. ~April


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