Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: In Real Life

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In Real Life...

Too often I worry about how to do it all by myself. I worry about how every tiny little decision I make as a parent will affect the rest of my children's lives - and I judge. I judge a person who does it differently (because nobody can possibly care as much about this vocation as I do, right?). Not on purpose. I just want to get it right.

But, smack me over the head again! Because in real life, we're just all on this ride together, learning as we go. I will very likely discover a better way probably too late and there will always be somebody who has something to teach me. Namely, the most amazing husband in the world who is walking right along side me. Remind me that it is not about simply doing all the right things. 

Isn't it about entrusting all of this and them to God? Laying at his feet all of my imperfections and admitting I don't have the power within me to create beauty out of ashes - but, He does. 

When these four children are grown, not as I imagine them to be but in real life, will I be striving to hear them say, "I'm where I am because of everything you and dad did right, mom," or, despite all we did right and all we did wrong, will I be giving glory and dancing to the tune of somewhere a long the line Jesus took a hold of their hearts and the persons they have become was purely and simply because of Him?



  1. Ohh good one.
    IT's amazing how much pressure women put on themselves to be the best mother...we are literally born to do it...and born into it...yet we doubt so often.

  2. "Laying at his feet all of my imperfections and admitting I don't have the power within me to create beauty out of ashes - but, He does." The real life does indeed require a lot of "laying down" stuff. My kids are a bit older now (18 and 16) and I recall the deep concern you write about. Yet as they've grown, I've seen God do a work in them. They still make lots of mistakes, but there is so much peace in knowing that their Heavenly Father is working with them. There is no sweeter joy than seeing your children's faith become real. "May He grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your counsel" Psalm 20:4.

  3. It is all about trusting Him -- with all of this and all of them. I need the constant reminder to go to Him with all of it, to surrender every bit. Your words encouraged me today!

  4. Real life is never what we expect or try to force it to be is it?! I'm so glad God shows up in the real of my life to show me how it's done! I know all the fruit in my life and in my children comes from him. I know it but I don't always act like it!

  5. This is a great reminder. We all judge unfortunately but often remind myself that we are all just doing the best we can. My way may not be for everyone may be someone else's. It's easy to judge, harder to be quiet and learn. One of my favorite
    Quotes is: "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."


  6. Entrusting people to God- I know that's what I am supposed to do, but its oh so difficult sometimes..we like having least a little bit!

  7. Oh this is so true and hits our mommy hearts every time!! In spite of everything I'm not, Jesus is still their Father first and He never makes mistakes. They belonged to Him before they ever belonged to me. And that is a comforting thought!

  8. Loved it, Girlfriend! You and I struggle with the same issues; I always say, "I have never wanted to be a success at any job as much as I want to be a success at parenting." And really? All of "MY" success at raising my boy comes because I talked Jesus' ear off about it...

    Great post. As always.


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