Monday, February 6, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce Our Third Child

Tell me every parent has at least one mind-boggling moment when they must contemplate whether to chase or to freeze, and hope for the best. Tell me because I've had several and I've done both. But in this account, I chose to freeze and hope for the best.

It was Sunday morning at church when my three-year-old son darted across the stage behind our pastor, who was giving the children's sermon below the stage. All eyes were on my son. I was standing there at the base of the stage hearing little gasps from the pianist, who surely thought he was going to jump! Yet I, knowing that if I even flinched, he would let out a ferocious squeal and be much more likely to jump or run in the opposite direction. I did not have the option of counting down from across the stage and thankfully our pastor at this point, with zero attention on him, decided to wrap it up (in good humor) – and my boy willingly exited the stage to follow the herd out of the sanctuary.

Allow me to introduce our third child. He is full of life. He is our unconventional, wild boy whose love language is battle, fight, attack, and "ching-ching!" He's wild, a dare devil, plays hard, squishes bugs and small animals, will eat just about anything at least once, and tackles his older brother (who is so gracious to humor him).

Yet he's the sweetest boy you'll ever meet, too. He still drags his blankie around with his thumb in his mouth, likes his sister's princess cup best, sings Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes around the house, and currently has his toenails polished, in which he typically tucks bare in his favorite cowboy boots.

There really is never a dull moment with him and I'm learning to take it in stride.

As a parent, I suppose I could have been a little embarrassed about the church incident, but I really wasn't. I suppose I wondered what people thought, but didn't care too much. I suppose I could have kept a tighter rein on the boy–like not letting him get as far as the stage stairs–but you never know what he'll pull with his gigantic spirit.

I'd love to be the family whose children all sit quietly and poised throughout the service just so people would think we were...well perfect, or some silly illusion like that. But we're not. We have a fidgety, clingy, lively group and we're just as real as any regular family–figuring it out as they go–when in public!

But, when I think about my three-year-old's childishness, I see his love for life. When I think about his intense battle play, I see a godly warrior. When I think about his tenderness, I see a compassionate man. When I consider the characteristics of my perfectly woven and created son, I see Jesus. Not a tame man by any stretch of the imagination. We have a wild God! A wildly passionate, loving and crazy for us God and I love that reminder reflected in my son.

I hope to encourage you today to parent your child, not by the standards of what people may think or measured by your own level of tolerance, but with grace for the way God created each one of them, perfectly and uniquely His.
But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. 1 Timothy 15
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  1. Oh this is a beautiful post, Theresa! I always love your insight. And I loved the line about not being the family that sits all quiet in the pews. You are shepherding your son's heart. Beautiful.

  2. Oh, this is so beautiful it hurts. Does that even make sense? I cannot tell you how moved I am by your words tonight. Um, NEW SUBSCRIBER. Oh, and you don't want to be one of those boring families anyway!

  3. I can so relate to that child. I am lucky enough to have one of my own. The phrase "gigantic spirit" spoke right to me! There are days this spirit seems to defeat me at every turn, but your words gave insight to the positive. God created my wild boy just as he wanted him! Thank you Theresa for the words that I needed.

  4. Oh, I'd LOVE to meet your thirdborn! He and my fourth might be bosom buddies if given the same stage and each a pair of cowboy boots :) Thanks for reminding me we're not the only family who isn't a "quiet package' in the pews! You make me smile and I always seem to see the bigger picture when I read your words. Thank you!

  5. when I attended our commmunity gathering last Sunday, there was an Indian man introduced to us like this: "A spiritual wild man!" I remembered him while you were describing your one. May your son become a spiritual wild man too! Thoroughly in love with jesus and willing to give his all for Him. I pray the same for my 16 year old son too! Patsy from

  6. awesome! love it all and him oh I could just jump in and give him a kiss on that pudgy cheek and if we were to consider arranging a marriage, he and my susie would light the world on fire, prayerfully, for Jesus and I think He would come back in a hurry too:} and I've missed you...maybe someday I'll get to read most of your posts without missing so many:( but I'm so thankful for the real friend kind of way we have connected too and I'm so, so thankful for you and yours:} {p.s. in case I didn't already tell you, you're a beautiful writer;}

  7. Ok..first...His precious face just drew me here...on my so much in that smile...I had a similar incident with my husband was an assistant coach at a major a time out he decided to give me a little the crowd saw what was happening they started cheering for him...quite a memory...He now is married and a great young man...
    I love how you see...what a blessing for your is an article I thought might enjoy...

  8. What a beautiful boy! So full of spunk...and life! You are blessed.
    I think you said all of this so well...and I do hope this wonderful boy loves Jesus with the same zeal he is exhibiting now...when he grows up! (:>)
    He will be a brave warrior for Christ!

    (I loved the music playing on your blog today! I didn't see a place that told what it was???)

    Love, Linda

  9. I see the play list on your left sidebar! Beautiful music!!!

  10. I thought I left a comment here last night, but maybe not. Thanks for the reminder parent our children "with grace for the way God created each one of them, perfectly and uniquely His." I love that you see your son's gigantic spirit and that he has a gigantic spirit!

  11. Loved your stories about Andrew and Alexa. We laughed and gained new insite. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Lucy and Jeannette

  12. This is amazing and a word that so many moms need to hear. You have brought great encouragement and a reminder to me to see things through God's eyes and even my children's eyes before I react.

  13. What a beautiful story to share with him when he is older!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi :)I am following back :)

  14. So beautiful, Theresa. My parenting is almost finished. One thing I've learned is that sometimes the children with the most spirit are the ones who dare to do great things for God. And really, who could resist that beautiful face?


  15. My fourth child shares a similar spirit -- tackling, nail polish on toes, cowboy boots, not knowing what to expect, sweet with teddy bears -- I can relate!!

    Yet, I love this line...parent...not to your own convicted me. At times when I need God's grace, I am wishing for more tolerance, a better me...rather than looking up to God's grace. Look to Him...not my strength. Thanks for the reminder.

    Visiting from Jen's SDG link-up.


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