Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Gift

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Life is a gift. I discovered that when I became a mother.

These children are gifts to me, little treasures that start out like seed. What do we do with the treasure? We cultivate the ground in preparation to plant those little seeds and then water and nurture and weed them over and over and over again. With these seeds that have been given as undeserving gifts, what do we envision for the garden of their life? Do we hold onto the seed for a while and then scatter them, throw them out to the world, to be surprised by who they become, whether they'll grow strong or whither through the storms? Or do we nurture their growth within this garden we have cultivated for them as entrusted parents? Then when they begin to bloom, we allow them to surprise us with all they they were created for. These gifts given as seeds will grow into their God intended purpose when we cultivate the soil of their foundation and nurture them to the life they were intended by God to live. And when their life span has arrived and they die, as all life does, the seeds of their life will scatter and create new growth as a result of theirs. That is the gift of life: beauty while we're here that multiplies when we're gone.

My grandma (step-grandma) just passed away last week and as I listened to praise and worship in my vehicle on the way to take my children to school this morning, I felt her presence because I knew she was dancing and singing with all her might before her Heavenly Father. And the seeds of her life are already sprinkling all over mine as I quietly worship and join her in the joyous dance.  



  1. Amen...
    and a beautiful picture, your grandma dancing in Heaven! :)

  2. And that should be our goal...that the things that we do for Christ now, continue to grow and mature after we're gone...leaving a godly legacy for generations to come!

  3. What a beautiful word picture of what we should want and do for our children.

    And what a wonderful comfort to know your beloved grandmother is in Christ's presence now.

    Blessings. Sara

  4. My heart goes out to you for your loss.

    Such beautiful words. Children are such an amazing gift.

  5. Nice blog. You might like this poem about life being a gift.


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