Monday, August 27, 2012

The First Day of School and 3 Good Reasons Why Those Conflicting Feelings Are Okay

Last Wednesday, I shared here about my conflicting feelings with sending our children to school.

Last Thursday, we gathered our two oldest children's school supplies and brought them to their school's open house.

Last Friday my girls and I traveled to our closest mall and enjoyed our day together shopping for school clothes.

This past weekend we cleaned out rooms and organized closets so they can feel more organized heading off to school (that's how we I work around here).

Today was their first day of school.

Was I excited for them? Yes! 

Do I think they are going to do great in school this year? Ya-ah.

Am I excited to start morning routine with the youngest two now? Absolutely!

Does that change those conflicting feelings? Nope.

Is that okay? Definitely.

Because conflicting feelings can be a gift. 

Here are three good reasons why:

1) Our conflicting feelings remind us of our purpose. As women and mothers, we were created to give life to and nurture our children, not just biologically but spiritually. We are life-givers and nurturers, not just to our own, but to all. This may play out differently for each of us. Even so,  it is normal to have conflicting feelings with sending our own away.

2) Our conflicting feelings may be telling us something we've been ignoring. And we need to listen. They're heightening our senses to an area that is requiring our attention, even if it's not (yet) requiring change. Sometimes our senses need to be heightened. Even if prayer is the only way to attend to them. At some point, we may be called to action. Will we be ready?

3) Ultimately, our conflicting feelings should draw us to Christ. Our conflicting feelings are always seeking the way toward peace. Christ is that way. Only in Christ can we find peace and joy within conflict, as we wait upon Him.

From my experience, conflict only perpetuates itself when we ignore it, try to resolve it in our own will (usually driven by fear manifested in pride), when we look for a quick fix rather than praying through it, and when we're unwilling to embrace the moments of here and now with honesty, integrity, truth and grace.

So for today, this moment, we are at peace...and we couldn't be more excited!

How about you? Did you have conflicting feelings on your child's first day of school and how did you come to terms with it?

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  1. I so agree -- if we always felt safe in secure in everything there is to make decisions about, there would be no need to cling to Christ!

  2. You have some great thoughts here, Theresa! I think you're absolutely right about those feelings drawing us closer to the Lord. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart. {and fun pictures, btw}

  3. Love your wisdom here, Theresa, and those first day of school pics. Precious. Your school-goers are beautiful! And I bet your little one at home is treasuring the extra attention! My fifth is home alone now and she is THRILLED to get Mommy all too herself. I miss her playmates, but she hasn't shed a tear over their absence :) Glad you've got peace. I'll keep praying for you, friend.

  4. Great inside for conflicting feelings. Thanks for sharing such insight. Following from Finding Heaven bloghop. Just became your newest follower. ~ jen

  5. Isn't parenting's truest love always a "letting go"?

    Even though we homeschool, there's still a very important "letting go" process as they grow, much like you described here.

    Blessings on your family and your mama's tender heart.

  6. "Did you have conflicting feelings on your child's first day of school and how did you come to terms with it?"

    I am sort of in a different "place" than you are since 2 of my "babies" are off at college and 2 are starting high school, the latter using a cyber program at home.

    If anyone would have told me 7 years ago that we would:

    1. Allow our oldest son to attend PUBLIC high school for 10-12th grades---GASP :0)

    2. Enter my oldest child and only daughter in a cyber program in order for her to "get up to par" with her sudden/life altering choice to attend University

    3. Use that same program for my younger boys from middle school on...

    I would have simply laughed out loud.
    I was a home school snob...sad to say :0(.

    Funny how GOD has a way of leading you down a path you never thought you would go "simply" to show you how that He is God...everywhere :0). Oh, and to humble us too!
    I have learned more about my kids and His grace over these past 5 years than I ever thought possible.
    When Christ is the center of your you said...then He is the center, the foundation! Our kids stability comes from exemplifying that to them :0).
    Hope you all have a fantastic year :0)!

  7. Conflicting feelings...yes. Bittersweet. Now that they are grown the conflicting feelings of a mother are still there. They never go away, they just draw you to God and send you to your knees. Great insights! So glad I dropped by.

  8. All I can say is that your kuds are so adorable. Had that feeling when my youngest daugther left to study in Mexico, but God reminds me to put my trust in Him and make the best out of it. Have a nice day:)


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