Monday, November 5, 2012

Calling an Official Bloggers Break

This time I've taken to step back and re-focus has been good. So good, in fact, that I am officially calling this a bloggers break.

Beth Moore has stated, in one of her previous bible studies, the idea that we are always in one of three phases of life, comparing us to the Israelite's journey from Egypt to the Promised Land: slavery, wilderness or the promised land. Now since I can safely rule out slavery - a place of bondage - I'll look at wilderness and promised land in describing just where I think I am.

In my own words, wilderness is a time of journeying, not having a clear destination in sight, but trusting that God does. It's sowing seeds without seeing the harvest.

Promised land is the place we come to that we have clarity, prayers have been answered and there is harvest!

According to Beth Moore, we journey in and out of these phases of wilderness and promised land throughout our lives.

Lately, it is apparent that I am in this phase of wilderness. I am journeying, but the destination is unclear. I am sowing seeds, praying and trusting because I believe that when that time comes that I am in the phase of promised land, I will look back and realize there was no way I would have gotten to that place of harvest and abundance without the time journeying through the wilderness. I may not feel it or see it now, but I believe in these times of wilderness, God is at work. Possibly at his finest work in me.

Therefore, I'm giving myself permission to remain quiet here until after the holidays. God-willing, I look forward to coming back fresh at the first of the new year!

God bless.

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  1. I am glad I stopped in. These words shed some light on my season as well. Your post truly spoke to my heart and encouraged my soul. I am so very happy for you. It takes so much courage to step away, but I know it will be a wonderful blessing for you and your family.

    I pray that God will pour out His blessing, love and grace on you and your family during this beautiful holiday season.



  2. Blessings as you take this time...following God’s heart is never a will be missed....and it will be nice to see you when you return~

  3. I pray that this break will be refreshing to you as you "wander" and that you end up exactly where God is wanting to lead you. It's so comforting to know we can trust Him.

  4. enjoy your break. we will be here when you return God Bless xo

  5. Great insight Theresa. I hope your time of quiet, as quiet as life can be with four little ones, is sweet! I trust the anticipation of journey to a place of promise brings new meaning to your holiday time.


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