Sunday, December 29, 2013

When Your Simply Blessed

As a child, there were times when money and resources were sparse.

A single mom with six young girls, barely making ends meet.

When our refrigerator typically contained a few condiments, milk and eggs.

And all I remember in our cupboard was pancake mix.

We couldn't pack our small kitchen and we became accustomed to eating those pancakes many a dinners for lack of anything else to nourish us.

We were grateful to have something cheap to fill our tummies.

Now married, with children of my own, we seem to have too little space in a large kitchen –

an extra refrigerator,

two freezers,

a pantry

and a "Costco" shelf in our storage room.

We have plenty.

Yet, from time to time, when my husband is unable to make it home for dinner, I say to the kids,

"Do you want pancakes for dinner?!"

"Yah!!!" is the collective resound.

And somehow I feel ironically blessed by the cheap food filling our tummies.

and counting gifts of gratitude with Ann

a sick family on the mend
a reason to slow down and do nothing
exploring beyond the back yard with the kids
good reads
tickets to a mommy get-away
tea with my seven-year-old daughter
answered prayers in 2013
the concept of radical that changes everything

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