Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing I'd Rather Be Doing...

I am relishing in how Drew (9 mo) just figured out how to go from his tummy to a sitting position. You know what to expect by the third child, yet these milestones never get old. Each child continuously amazes me.

I love how Drew can be into everything, squealing, and a maniac; then as soon as I put him on my hip, he pops his thumb in his mouth content as he can be.

I love how I find Alexa all decked out in princess playing with Star Wars action figures with Robby. I love her fighter spirit, even though that spirit is directed toward me most times! I love the affection she shows her brothers... even though there is that smirk of satisfaction when her overwhelming affection brings poor Drew to tears. =)

I love how Robby uses his imagination so vividly. I love his intense personality yet, gentle and kind spirit. I love that I actually have to tell him to fight back when his younger sister is going after him. He is such a good big brother...hard to believe he was all we could imagine the first
eighteen months of his life.

I love how different my children are and how my capacity for love has grown with each one.

I am not exaggerating when I say these children are a gift I wake up to every day. I'm not saying they are perfect and that it is always easy but, wow...is there a greater challenge, deeper joy, higher calling than being entrusted with the lives of our children?! There is nothing in this world I'd rather be doing right now than facing the daily challenges, joys, and call of being a mom.


  1. I have the same feelings toward all three of my blessings. Isn't the love we have for our children amazing and to think that Christ's love goes beyond that is even more amazing.

    I enjoyed reading about your family.

  2. You are such an amazing mother with a huge heart. It's inspiring.


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