Monday, June 29, 2009

Princess Alexa

Alexa (three in August) is now officially into princess. It is so sweet! She wants to "be princess" all the time! She picks out a dress to wear everyday, last night slept in one. As soon as she picks out her dress, she starts singing in her high-pitched, "I feel beautiful," voice. She continues to twirl and sing in her dress for the next ten minutes, at least, with her eyes peeled to the movement of the fabric. Just the other day I tried to explain to her that a princess changes her dress to go to the princes t-ball game and to go camping. But she insisted, "Princesses need to wear princess dresses to t-ball games and camping." Fair enough!

I'm secretly enjoying this since I was never one to dress my baby girl in dresses. I'm not the frilly, girlie-girl kind of mom. She'd be lucky if she got her hair combed! However, I'm loving watching her in all of her girlie-girl glory. And dresses are SO MUCH EASIER (hand-me-down flower girl and Easter dresses work perfectly), not to mention she actually wants to get dressed in the morning!

She has also informed me that she needs a crown. Well, I guess we'de better get on it!


  1. Have fun making that crown. :D

    I'm not the girlie-girl kind of mom either and how funny, my eldest is SO GIRLIE-GIRL!

    ~ Wendy

  2. Awww, I can't wait for this stage with Juliet. Right now it's brother's action figures, legos or just about anything Aiden has at the moment.


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