Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Quotes...

We were in Yellowstone over the forth of July and saw a man with a parrot on his shoulder. Robby sees him and says, "Wow! He looks like a pirate!!!"

On our way home, Robby camped with Grandma and Grandpa one more night in Cody, Wyoming while Rob, Alexa, Drew and I went on home. Knowing he would be away from his sister one night, Robby and Alexa have this little conversation:

Robby- "I love you, Alexa."

Alexa- "I love you, too, Robby."

Robby- "I love you very much, Alexa."

Alexa- "I love you, too, Robby."

Robby- "Alexa, you know I will never forget my love for you."

And when we part and say good-bye, Alexa is sad and says:

"But he'll miss me soo much."

SO SWEET! I love to see how much they care for eachother. Special.

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