Monday, August 17, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday - (Quotes)

I've got just one quote by Alexa (just turned three) stuck in brain that I don't think I'll ever forget. Some are cute but, this one made me laugh out loud...

"Mommy, I want to wear my nightgown with the circle poka-nuts!"

She also calls her swimming suit a "swimming soup."

In Pre-k, last Spring, Robby informed me that he could recite the whole "Fledge of Allegience."

...or, you can just call it "The Fledge."

So adorable!

You can go to Not Before 7 to particiapate in Tiny Talk Tuesday.


  1. Hi, Theresa!

    I clicked over to your blog from Mary's, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all that you've written here, starting from your first post. I appreciate your heart for God and for your family, and the love and devotion that shines through. It's inspiring!

    The family picture in your header is wonderful!

    I look forward to coming back to read more from you. :)

    ~ Davene

  2. LOL! Love the swimming soup - my 4 year old says "bathing soup". That's funny that someone else does too.

    Your kids are darling!

    Happy TTT!


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