Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hooray For Second Days!

I think it's great that I can't talk my six year old boy into leaving the top button of his shirt unbuttoned. Got to love their individuality.

We made it to the second day with flying colors! Robby loved kindergarten. Like I said yesterday, I did well, too, sending him off. However, there is something about that bus that stirred a little emotion in me. I drove him to school but let him take the bus home with kindergärtner's only, as we will continue to do. So when I saw that big yellow bus entering our subdivision and approaching our house yesterday, out of the blue, my eyes welled up with tears followed by a deep exhale.

It was a feeling kind of like when you observe an air craft approaching it's landing and you know someone very special will be getting off that plane. It's the anticipation and excitement of re-connecting with that person. It's recognizing that you have them there for a time but, not forever.

He's growing up and I am aware of how quickly time will go from here. It's hard to let go as a mom. But rather than dreading, "not enough time," I'm reminded to celebrate the person he is becoming, cherish the snuggles I still get; not to sweat the small stuff; and have fun.

I am so grateful for the privilege of mothering this young man!

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  1. Just wait 'til you send him off to the 4TH GRADE!! Ugh. Talk about the tears settling in...Why do they have to grow up so stinking fast??!!


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