Monday, August 30, 2010

New Beginnings

Robby just walked into his kindergarten class this morning, first day of school, secure and ready for a new beginning. He was actually pushing me out the classroom door before I could get in! I had my pangs over the summer so, I felt okay this morning, too. We also had an extra year to prepare. I am so glad we waited to send him to school at six! It has made all the difference in the world letting him go this morning. He is so sure of himself, more mature, and on the ball. Last night he read two books to me and his siblings before bed. I love that I can say that I taught him to read. That is so cool! Although he was ready to do it, that is still part of the beauty of us waiting a year. There will be enough demands on him with eighteen other students in the classroom so, it is good to know he has a bit of a head start.

I'm excited for Drew and Alexa to hang out at home and be pals...with Madeline, too, as she grows. Alexa was excited for Robby starting school and senses the change, as she is already paling around with her little brother.

We are definitely structuring our mornings with a mourning routine (devotion, breakfast, dressed, make bed, brush teeth and hair, and wash face); learning that is fun; and lots of play, where we can incorporate character building skills. Thursday mornings we'll go to the library and Friday morning we'll combine learning with her cousin, Lucy.

I will continue to coordinate the evening MOPS group and do a weekly WOW (Women of the Word) bible study for me, which offers an excellent structured program for Alexa and loving ladies for the littlest ones on that morning.

I'm excited about being better about planning my menus, baking homemade bread and goodies, and smelling crock pot meals by 10:00am. I'm excited to start thinking and planning for the holidays. I'm not so excited about trying to keep up with the daily tasks of house-cleaning but, I am committed to keeping up on it and maybe even learning to enjoy it a little.

I am excited to set some goals for myself, never forgetting those other dreams that are on the back burner...or what ever more exciting plan God has for me! I'm not really committed enough yet, however, to share what those goals may be. Time continues to be the biggest challenge. Given a little time to get this schedule underway, so my priorities are straight, I'll start working out some short-term goals (like more regular blogging!).

It's good. Change is good. Renewal is good. God is good.


  1. What an exciting first day for Robby (and his Mom)!

  2. I'm praying for you!!! I know how your heart squeezes when you send him off that first day! He looks so ready! Just as cute as can be! Thaddeus just turned five in June and now I'm wishing I waited another year! At the time, I thought he was ready, but now I'm rethinking everything!!! I've just got to trust God with this one : )

  3. Great post Theresa! Loved seeing you this weekend- wishing you a happy fall! XO


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