Monday, November 1, 2010

Love, love, love creating!

I've gotten away from blogging these past couple of weeks. There is simply only so much free time in a day.  So, over these past couple of weeks I've filled that time with creating cards, calendars, canvases, and storybooks through Heritage Makers, an on-line scrapbook/storybook publishing company that I consult through.  (Okay, I'll admit, I've stolen a little time away from my family doing this, too.  Time to re-center!)

The published projects are beautiful, such a fun creative outlet for me, and an incredible timeless gift to give my family.  Heritage Makers on-line offers 40,000 pieces of art to work with and thousands of ready made templates.  The idea is for creations to be quick and easy, and they are! However, I love to create.  So these past couple of weeks I've spent creating my own templates for our Christmas card and a calendar for a friend using some "basic" art in Heritage Makers.  

Below I've included the Christmas card I created this year and templates I worked with last year.  I've also shared 8x8 and 16x20 gallery wrapped canvases of Madeline, the calendar I designed using HM art (in progress), and finally the storybook I created for Madeline.  Love it all!  (Be sure to scroll over to see all of each project or select "full screen.")

A sale on Christmas cards just passed and I'm going to be keeping  a close eye on another sale before Christmas so, let me know if you are interested in Christmas cards this year. They will even direct ship to your recipients for $.60.  Talk about a time-saver over the holidays!

 "Elegant Christmas" - This year's Christmas card

 Last year's Christmas card

8x8 canvas wrap

16x20 canvas wrap

Calendar - still in progress...

 8x8 storybook

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