Friday, February 25, 2011

Moments like these...

I just love moments like these...

Robby's "From A to Z" Book...

"The letter 'a' says a (short) and A (long)"
 Each letter says it's sound(s) all the way through Z 
{although my scanning job cut the storyline out}

After a long phase of dragons, we're back to dinosaurs! 
{again, my scan job cut the storyline out}

"The Tyrannosaurus is a carnivore."

Alexa's "A to Z" Book  
{She colored the pages then drew pictures that started with that letter on each page}

Alexa, apple, and alien

Other things Alexa likes to draw...

Tulip off of the dining room table

Princess - don't you love the ruffles?

and moments like these...

and milestones...

 when I expect to find my baby lying in her crib as I go into the nursery, I see it for the first time - oh how I...

love This!


  1. awww...yes, this is LIFE! awesome:)

  2. Oh, my ... ADORABLE! Your little ones are just precious! What a blessing!

  3. Oh my, look at those big brown eyes. How precious. How fun when your children enjoy learning.

  4. Awww! Love the pictures they made and that they are learning together! What a sweet picture of them looking at the book together!


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