Monday, February 21, 2011

How we met

Shuffling into the restaurant, about six of us - near strangers - scrambled to find our seat. I nonchalantly pulled back the chair and sat next to him only because he sat across from my friend and the seat next to her had already been taken. I peered across the table listening to the words of my boisterous friend, who somehow got on the topic of, "God is just an idea..." It was a topic I had heard before; one that I had learned to ignore. I wouldn't be persuaded nor would I persuade her. So, I avoided those conversations, as I did much of the content that challenged the very core of what I believed up to that particular point in my life.

However, the next thing I knew, this guy sitting next to me - whom I had not spoken even one word to since our unofficial group encounter just days ago - was speaking up. I don't recall those exact words that straightened my posture nearly twelve years ago, but I recall having no choice but to chime in.

We alternated affirmations, with complimenting points, "YEAH, and...," "Right, and..."

My eyes widened and my heart sprang forth as I had been overtaken by the proclamations of this guy. It was as though I had suddenly noticed him for the first time.

I went home that night intrigued...

Who was that guy who proclaimed so boldly a belief in the one true God?

Who was that guy who said he owned over 100 Christian CDs? Did that many Christian artists even exixt?

Who was that guy who grabbed my attention and literally woke me up?

Who was that guy who spoke like he knew so very personally my first love?

You see, I grew up knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior. I knew He was good and that He loved me. I trusted Him. I just wasn't willing to trust Him with my whole life.

I had decided I knew better than anyone what I was looking for in the love department. After all, it was easy for me to determine what would and wouldn't interest me in a guy, who was and wasn't a decent guy, and who would or wouldn't pursue me like I was the only girl on the planet. I could easily tell who made me feel special and who didn't.

I wasn't looking for a godly guy, someone who was trusting God with his whole life. I didn't believe that kind existed. I didn't even know any godly men and, truth be told, never ran across any in my dating years up to that point.

Isn't that what happens when we seek outside of God's character?  We simply find everything but, godly character. 

Good guys. Decent guys. Just the wrong guys.

There came a point that I had even lowered those initial standards. I did a little more of the pursuing. I sought to feel special. I clearly couldn't expect the fairytale. I didn't expect much.

I remember telling a friend that if that next guy (whom I had already scoped out) was not the one, then there would be no one for me. I believed that. I was tired of disappointment; tired of gambling in a game that was being played too casually with my heart.

Something changed that round. I had inevitably been pursued, however, not by that guy. That ended, too. I remember that day, humbled by my circumstances; when compromise would no longer camouflage my existence. Oh, how I wanted to run; crawl into a hole – but, there I was backed up against the wall of my own captivity. I knew what I had to do. It’s true. I could see no further than “that next guy.” I threw my arms up – finally – and surrendered. I admitted I couldn’t control this outcome. I had already compromised the belief that there was something more – someone worth waiting for. I had compromised what my heart deeply desired and was yearning for - God. I surrendered my choices and committed to allowing God to take the pen and write this story.

One month later, I pulled back the chair and sat next to him...


  1. Wow! Praise God for our Godly men!! :)

  2. Theresa! I love this and reading touch my heart and are such a beautiful encourager...

    I definitely relate to so much in here and one long journey and a very broken heart that humbled me and allowed God to write my story and gave me a man so beautifully, indescribably after His own heart...

    so, so thankful for you and this!

  3. How thankful I am that He's the author AND perfecter of my faith...that HE's writing the story! ...and that He's shown me what a poor writer I am! ;-)

    The stories He writes are the best -- love yours!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful way to meet! This is powerful!

  5. He is my everything, and I surrender all to him, and still I wait, and Hope. Please Lord, let there be 'that guy' for me. Let me experience that love between man and wife, let me be your child, a wife, a mother, a friend - let me be exactly who you want me to...

  6. :-) Miss you.


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