Monday, March 28, 2011

MMM ~ Sacrificial love

I offer you this Monday a marriage quote to reflect on.
When a husband daily lays down his life for his wife, considers her needs above his own, and sacrifices his own agenda in order to be sensitive to her, he will truly become the man that she desires above any other. When a wife builds her existence around serving her husband, meeting his needs, and thinking of his good above her own, her man will respond with a radical adoration for her alone. It's a pattern that begins long before the wedding day... ~Eric Ludy

May we impress upon our own long before they are ready for marriage, that this action is an instrumental precursor to a healthy marriage and can be readily identified by the laying down of our own selfish wants and honoring God in our lives and dating relationships.

May practicing this kind of love within your marriage bless you abundantly!

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  1. I love this and feel as though it is my husband, but wonder if it's me...maybe b/c i feel like he gives so extraordinarily that it just makes me a little lost:-/? He wants most my happiness not a hot meal, laundry folded, etc...just that I would know His joy--Jesus joy...well, thanks for helping me to continue to process, friend:-)


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