Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Resting in His comfort

She flexes her body, pulls away and cries tears of frustration and discourse. I hold her. I pull her close. She arches her back and throws her head nearly into whiplash. She carries on in her lengthy way of communication. I whisper, "shh...it's okay." Ever so gently, I whisper.

I long for her to rest in my comfort.

The will of her stubborn, nearly 12 month-old, heart and weary mind push comfort far from her. She must come to a place of exhaustion. She must recognize she has no place to go, but to give in to the arms that are embracing her.

I long for her to loosen her grip and curl into my arms. To lay her head on my shoulder, nuzzle her face into my neck, eyelids too heavy to keep open.

I long for her surrender.

Finally, too tired to fight - the fight costing her all of her energy - she surrenders. She relaxes her body into mine and finds rest in the comfort of my arms.

Shortly after, she awakens with the brightest eyes and happiest disposition. She doesn't regret her rest. She doesn't remember her angst. She knows she is in the best of hands. She knows she is loved beyond measure.

She delights in her innocence.

A little later in the day a four-and-a-half year old, high with emotion and volume, screams at her brother over a blanket he is wrapped up in while watching a short afternoon program. I go to her and I offer her a chair in a different room with a couple of devotional books - to offer a moment of rest - to allow her time to calm down.

"No way, Pose!" She screams.

I know full well that the sooner she surrenders to my will and obeys, the sooner she will feel at rest and be able to join in on the afternoon program. I know that if she resists me, she will miss out on so much more than either of us had intended.

She senses my calm. She knows I will not back down. She surrenders.

When she returns, her disposition is peaceful. She is willing to go into her room and find a different blanket. She sits and watches the rest of the program.

From the time these children are born, they have to learn to surrender their will to the loving arms and discipline of their parents. As they grow, in much the same way, they must learn to surrender their will to the loving arms and discipline of their Heavenly Father. We must.

In our surrender, there is peace.

In our surrender, there is rest.

Are you feeling a little whiplashed? Can you hear yourself demanding, as you consider what surrendering might cost you, "No way, Pose (Jose)! Do you realize that He knows full well that choosing your will over His will for you will cost you so much more than you ever intended?

Will you surrender?

Will you find your rest in His comfort?


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  1. Amen...sounds like a perfect illustration of our relationship with the Lord.

    If only we'd just give in more often and leave those burdens there...


  2. I am so thankful and forever grateful for His comfort and relief! He's such an amazing God!

    Here's my submission for today:


  3. Ohhh Father...what descriptive words for how we wrestle to REST! Thank You so much Lord for calling us to come to You. Surrender to Your peace. Surrender to Your rest. Thank You for Therese's precious example and illustration to us! May we grow as we trust You and Your arms and let go of our will to Your will! Bless Therese and these precious little ones and her beautiful words today that they might reach someone who needs to let go, rest, surrender and come to You through the beloved Name of Jesus.

    Bless Therese with THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE for her sweet words for me.

  4. I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing. And, having just read it, I already feel the calm. "In our surrender there is rest." That is one incredible line. Thank you for writing.

  5. beautiful... love the photo!

  6. What a beautiful post! We all have to surrender sooner than later and once we do, there is nothing like that peace it gives you!

  7. That is so precious. Thanks for sharing those thoughts. Blessings ~

  8. So true! We struggle so much and it is so not necessary.


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