Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Motherhood Should Come With...

I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo this morning at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday with the writing prompt:

Motherhood Should Come With...  


Motherhood should come with hearts that offer grace even when they are tired and spent by the end of a day. Grace. Always grace.

Motherhood should come with strong words on the tip of their tongues to uplift and encourage, especially for the times when criticism lurks around the corner. Praise. Praise. Praise.

Motherhood should come with a focused lens to see straight to the heart of what God sees, ears to tune in to hear what God hears - through their tears and through their laughter, and loving actions that speak more often than our words.

Motherhood should come with humility to know we won't do this one task perfectly, to know when to say, "I'm sorry." .

Motherhood should come with a compass to always point us in the right direction, to keep us on track, and to point us and our children to Christ through every situation.


Isn't it grand that what motherhood does come with, for the choosing, is the Holy Spirit who gives us all we need and more to do this one task well? Why would we not accept that direction, council, focused lens, extraordinary love and grace that is simply beyond us. Why wouldn't we?

This wasn't exactly easy...I could have gone with weekly manicures, pedicures and massages, but resisted. Now it's your turn! Give your best five minutes!


  1. Beautiful, I needed to read this!

  2. Lovely words on one of life's toughest underpaid jobs. The love that comes our way makes it worth all we put into it.

  3. All in Him. EVERYTHING we need for life and godliness.
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Theresa!

  4. "Motherhood should come with a focused lens to see straight to the heart what God sees" - what a beautiful idea! Thank you!

  5. a compass for Motherhood would be good....thankfully our hearts help point us in that direction. Lovely to meet you and thanks for popping by my blog.

  6. Oh sister! we were so in sync today...Grace and seeing and all of this--simply beautiful, gifted friend!...sending you love Mama:-)

  7. After reading your five minute post today, I went back and check this one out, too. Beautiful! Yes, humbly serving is my topic for the year. And, I, too, am so thankful for grace.


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