Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Firecracker Of A Birthday!

I don't exactly anticipate my birthday these days like I did when I was a kid. But, when it rolls around, I always cherish the gifts that make it special.

Grandma Joyce
Grandpa Chuck
Cousin Luke
Aunt Jeannette (sister), Uncle Steve and Steve's dad
Aunt Jeannette, Uncle Steve, cousin Samuel, and cousin Lucy
Aunt Maureen (sister) and cousin Ryan
View from my sister, Jeannette's, house

I wish I had a snapshot of everyone of my family members. Thirty-seven make up the sum of my husband and children, parents, and sisters with their husbands and children.

Family is a gift.

And it definitely makes for a firecracker of a birthday every year! 

{Will you take a moment and give thanks for your family right now, where ever they may be?}

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  1. I do thank God for my family, large as well. And thank you for sharing yours :) Happy birthday!

  2. Sweet! Happy Birthday, I'm glad you got to spending it cherishing the gift of loved ones!

  3. What a sweet post! I love seeing pictures of your family!

  4. Beautiful family in a beautiful setting. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! Glad it was happy.

  5. I am forever greatful and indebted to my family. They are my emotional and spiritual support. It is great that you live close enough to celebrate birthdays with them.

  6. Honey, your kiddos are so stinking cute, I want to pinch them all. And I covet Drew's hair! I wish that I had hair that thick and wavy! Are any of them, by chance, up for adoption?! I'd gladly take one of your kids for you...or all four of them! So cute! Happy belated birthday.


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