Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Waiting With Anticipation {A Prayer}

Dear Heavenly Father, 

This isn't how you originally intended it, is it? The pain of a mother's labor, the tightening of a heart, the cancers that are firing at the human race, the beginnings of life that you delight in, yet are confiscated. This isn't at all what you intended when you created man out of a deep affection to walk with you in harmony and perfection.

But we believed the lie back in Eden, didn't we? And we still believe the subtle lies...it will not hurt you. Don't you know that you can choose for yourself, you can be your own god. Surely you will not die...and we're all heart-broken as a result. 

But, you, you were heart-broken before we ever were, weren't you? What have you done? I can only imagine how desperate that question may have sounded. For no longer were we in perfect union with you, as you had created us to be. The rift between God and man now existed.

And you are heart-broken over rape, murder, deceit, and disease. This wasn't what you intended. 

But you love us, knowing we fail time and time again. And because of that love, you made a way. Only one way would be severe enough to take on the massive sin as a result of the lies we buy into every day. Only you, the creator of mankind, could suffer the penalty for mankind. You made a way - Jesus.

And we wait and anticipate his coming, in the form of a baby this Christmas season, and on a white cloud on that glorious second coming when heaven comes down and restores Eden right here on earth. The place where we will walk in union with you, as you originally intended. 

Lord, give me strength to accept suffering when it comes, as a way to bring me to my knees and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are God. And you do not delight in my suffering, but delight in me, and will do anything to bring me home, in due time, to the place you are preparing, the garden, our walk together. Nothing is more important or so terrible as to waste this...eternity with you. Nothing.

In hopeful anticipation,

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  1. hi neighbor...this is a beautiful post...yes...nothing is wasted...all things redeemed because He came in Love...
    Blessings to you...

  2. Your heart and words are so real, I feel your ache for the eternal now. Beautiful share, thank you.

  3. Thanks for putting words to the aching of my heart on so many days. Your offering poured out was refreshing hope today!


  4. What a beautiful love letter. "Anything to bring me home" makes my heart beat in anticipation! I can be so stingy with my love it overwhelms me to consider the immense gift we've been given in Jesus.

  5. Beck, I hear ya. I'm right there with you! Stingy with mine, but overwhelmed by his.

    Thank you, ladies for your sweet words.

  6. i find great comfort in your words, your prayer...what we do between here and there is not for naught...and that day will come...

  7. "And you do not delight in my suffering, but delight in me, and will do anything to bring me home, in due time, to the place you are preparing, the garden, our walk together."
    When life gets tough, and it does, this is what I want to hang on to, to get me through. Good words today. :)

  8. thank you sister:} this is so beautiful and sweet...I also especially loved :: 'and will do anything to bring me home, in due time, to the place you are preparing, the garden, our walk together.' and how it began with something so dear to your heart, but you realize it's a part of that larger story and great brokenness and we are all a part of that...yearning with you for That Day:}

  9. I know that hopeful anticipating. I know that pain that leads to reaching out for that hope! So glad we are not alone in our sufferings!

  10. oh theresa, what a tender, unique post. makes me eager for the day when we'll speak with him face to face. xo

  11. Beautiful post... it touched my heart deeply.

  12. Amen! Well said, Theresa!

    Blessings, Joan

  13. Yes! Love this prayer! Your tenderness here is stunning, leading me to remember and see. Thank you so much.

  14. This is so beautiful. Pain is not what God designed, but at our choice, and with the turning of our will and affection he can make something beautiful out of our suffering.

  15. Hello Theresa!
    This is Penny, Betty, Donna, Laura, and Joan stopping by to say we LOVE your blog! We're here at the Christian Writers Group checking out awesome blogs and yours came up. Good work!

    God Bless!

  16. Penny, you may not see this again today BUT I am so sorry I am not there with you! I just sent you a message...I completely forgot about our writing group today. Missing you all!

  17. Theresa - this is a beautiful prayer. I am often in awe of how much He loves us, in spite of all our shortcomings and sins.

    Many blessings,


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