Monday, December 5, 2011

On The Fruit of Our Labor

I need milk. Get me milk, mom.
How do you ask?
I need milk.
Say 'Please.'
Say 'may I please have milk?'
May please I milk?
Over and over, day after day, I gently coach the just turned three-year-old on how to ask politely and it doesn't seem he's ever going to get it.

And so many things we teach and train our children can seem in vain. Things less obvious than "please" and "thank you" and more treacherous and draining in persistence. The seeds we plant don't appear to be growing and it is easy to give up or to let it go for a while.

Growing anything from soil or dust just doesn't seem to be the business of instant gratification like we want, even expect sometimes.

And it is I who may see a dry and shriveling plant in my house that I had let go and it is my inclination to toss it out, be done with it, start over. Yet it is my husband who has taught me that watering and nurturing will bring life back to any plant that has roots grounded in soil.

And so we do the mundane. the ordinary. the repetition in the watering. nurturing. training.

And then yesterday morning the boy offers me a piece of fruit so scrumptious that I forget my labor.
May I please have milk, mommy?
I about jump out of my pants and I cannot praise him enough.

And I delight in that small fruit and am thankful that I didn't expect less because I thought my child incapable, but rather expected more because I believed it, that watered seeds in good soil will produce fruit in due time.

And it's the fruit of our labor, as parents, that is worth every mundane, ordinary, and repetitive action. This is what we must do. This is our sacrifice. We offer up the mundane and believe that the fruit will come.

continuing to count gifts of gratitude...

the repetition of the boy potty training and now going to the potty on his own
spills on the floor, carpet, counter, table that I teach him how to clean up
putting the tree up
advent devotions
truly trusting the fruit beyond please and thank you
a man that I deeply love and respect, to share in all of the beautiful sacrifices we choose to make

Plugging away to 1000 gifts of gratitude and beyond and sharing with A Holy Experience,  Finding Heaven, Graceful, On, In and Around Mondays, and At The Wellspring


  1. Oh how I loved this post! It tells me to not give up in other things too! God is so faithful!

    Merry Christmas!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Plugging away. Love the list and your perspective.

  3. Yes, from one potty-training mommy to another.. praise Him for growing fruit out of our daily mundane. Thanks for the reminder and your beautiful way of articulating the ordinary.

  4. Parenting. Definitely asks us for the same patience as watching the Spring's first cherry blossoms take their time to red bursts! :)

  5. So so true... beautiful how you are faithfully planting and waiting with your children. Blessings to you and your family!

  6. Beautiful example of our loving GOD Who is so patient with His people of dust, allowing them time to change, and grow...

  7. Very sweet post! Teaching your son the way to ask and approach you reminds me of how God teaches us to pray. What a patient Heavenly Father we have :)

  8. I can so relate! That conversation at the top could have been one with my three-year-old! Repetition is key, isn't it? Thank you for your beautiful mother heart!


  9. It can be so exhausting, this parenting thing. But then that fruit, oh! It can just keep you going for days, can't it? Nourishment that God knows we so need for the journey.

  10. There is nothing more important than being a mom. When your children leave, you realize how important your purpose was in life.

  11. so good...makes me think of...don't grow weary in doing due season you will reap a harvest...child rearing is a lot of planting in the never know when the fruit will appear...
    Blessings as you cultivate your beautiful garden....

  12. Oh, what a gift when the fruit comes in ripe and full! Keep planting those seeds, sweet mamma. You know who makes them grow :).

  13. Way to be consistent! It's already paying off! The fruit of our mommy labor is sweet indeed!

  14. What a labor tending little hearts is! Thanks for the sweet reminder, I love hearing other mommy's experiences of work and faith.


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