Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finding Joy in the Moments

It's just after lunch when I say to the three-year-old, Drew, and 20 month-old, Madeline, who are aimlessly wandering at this point, "It's nap time!" Instantly both squeal and run away from me. And normally I might simply catch up to them, snatch them up and get them to where they need to be.

But today, I begin to run after them, a little too slow to catch them, taunting them, because I am finding delight in their squeals and sudden ambitions. We run in circles through the house, all with big smiles and anticipation.

They finally run into a dead end in the guest room bathroom, a walk-in shower, and hide behind the shower curtain. I peak in and they scream and I leave enough room for them to run past me again.

Another round, then I slow down and ask if they are ready to go to sleep now. Madeline, with as much enthusiasm as she had running, throws her arms up toward me. And Drew, he grabs his blankie, pops his thumb in his mouth and walks into my open arm, resting his head on my shoulder.

All is quiet now--

 and a bit joyful, simply for these moments. 

{photos could be better, but I grabbed the camera while running past it and it really wasn't about capturing the picture, just the moment...even though I like to try...}

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  1. oh no...the photos are perfect...they capture the pure sweet...thanks for sharing..

  2. nice...i love those moments with my boys and take much delight in them...

  3. ....the moments that those photos!!!

  4. That makes me smile! I'm always thankful when I take a moment to enjoy the delight of my children's play instead of sticking rigidly to my routine! They're delightful, I love their wide open smiles and twinkly eyes!

  5. i LOVE the photos... and that you grabbed this moment, and chased... children love when we do that, don't they? bless you.

  6. Lovely post!
    What child doesn't love being chased by their parent?
    somedays, yes, I'd like to think God chases after me, too. :)
    thanks for capturing the moment and then sharing it with us!

  7. Oh I love the photos! Precious moments, captured in time, and to be treasured.

    Many blessings,


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