Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Community and (in)RL

It amazes me how much our world is evolving i.e. ipads, texting, kindles, and blogs and I tend to poo-poo on change because I'm less in the know and I don't like not knowing what these advances will bring. Will they bring families and communities together or will they push them further a part?

But, then there is this, (in)courage. A community of women - thousands of women, who are striving for the same things I am, are passionate about the things I am, and are encouraging and supporting one another through their blog space.

This blogsphere has been an eye-opening experience for me. As soon as I think I must be the only one who is thinking, doing, or believing something, I see over and over again, through other amazing women across the globe, how wrong I am. And I'm encouraged, and mentored, and inspired by them repeatedly.

And it reminds me that you and I can make a small difference in this ever-changing, yet present world we live in today.

So although I value speaking to, seeing, and feeling a person in real life, this advancement simply cannot be ignored because it is making an impact on my small world and what this community, (in)courage, is offering now can make in impact on yours, too, in real life.

Here is the nuts and bolts of it (would you pause the music to the left before watching this clip and maybe even grab a tissue):

It's this wild idea to take community seeded online through (in)courage and find a way to grow it into real life friendships off line. So on April 28, 2012 we're planning a day of worldwide (in)courage meetups for women to bravely step into new friendships right wherever in the world they are. {There are already 164 meetups planned globally!} And (in)courage will be providing a webcast for everyone to tune into.
For more details click here.

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