Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Blossoms Can Do In The Dead Of Winter

It's snowing today accumulating into a blanket of white, reminding me of, despite the flirtatious winks and lures of spring, the reality that the season at hand is still the dead of winter.

I've got one home sick from school and two little ones with ear infections and these walls are closing in on me. I look around and I've gotten behind today, just enough to feel suffocated by the tally marks of uncompleted tasks and the lack of sunshine to warm my spirit. I rummage around the kitchen a bit, stacking dishes and confiscating old napkins, when I stumble across the tulips I threw in the cart this morning, when we trudged out into the forbidden to pick up the three-year-old's Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium for his bulging, inflamed eardrum.

I tear open the plastic, cut the stems, arrange the red blossoms in water, and place the promising vessel on the kitchen table; and instantly, I inhale a breath of hope.


  1. Yes, hope. I am smiling at your bright red blooms. Me, a girl who grew up and lives once again in the town of 100,000 tulips.. all still buried beneath winter's landscape. But soon.... that's the beauty of hope, isn't it? Love the way you see Him. And Breathe Him in. I"ll be praying for you as you tend your sick ones.

  2. Sigh . . . with two kids in college, is it possible to miss the days when we were home bound together? Not the infections, of course, but looking at your sweet little ones' faces, nostalgia washes over me. Love your positive outlook. Isn't it awesome how our Father can comfort through something as small as flowers. "I inhale a breath of hope." Love that. Praying your little angels are on the mend soon


  3. Love this! Very much how I was feeling behind on "life" today (sick little one to care for here, too). Love what my friend posted on Facebook last night as she rocked her sick little one:

    Cleaning and Scrubbing
    Can Wait
    Til Tomorrow ...

    For Babies Grow Up
    We've Learned
    To Our Sorrow

    So Quiet Down
    Cobwebs ...
    Dust Go To
    Sleep ...

    I'm Rocking
    My Baby,
    And Babies
    Don't Keep.

    Hope your little ones are well soon!

  4. oh Grace to your sick home...love the flowers...blessings as you continue to breath in hope:)

  5. ...and if Jesus isn't hope like the tulips... mommy-hood the most sacred job in the world... may you be blessed in many ways... be of good courage, for this too will pass... the poem above I now sing to my grands... the cycle continues and I wouldn't have changed it for anything

  6. ...and I inhale as well...resfreshed from your words.

  7. Coming from painting prose...this was such a nice breath of, well...hope!

  8. Stumbled upon your blog via Linky and am a new follower! Your blog is lovely and I love the music!!! Blessings

  9. Beautiful, Theresa. Nothing like beautiful flowers to brighten the day.


  10. Flowers in winter can be so refreshing. My wife's Valentine bouquet has slowly dwindled down over the last three weeks to a small vase of white mums. Funny isn't it how mums are always the sturdiest flowers?



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