Monday, February 27, 2012

When Pride Dictates Who We Are {Guest Blogging Over At Chasing Silhouettes}

We have this deep longing, as human beings, to be known and yet, there seems to be the tendency, in our humanness, to clothe ourselves with one of two possible garments of pride because even with good intentions, it is easy to forget the vital point that we were created in the likeness of God, not created to be our own god. Where God says we are very good, pride says we’re not enough.
There are those of us who, in the name of service or obligation, may take on too much, more tasks than God may be calling us to. It looks noble from the outside, but it’s simply pride. It’s looking to others, comparing ourselves, and out-doing others or ourselves rather than seeking God’s will for our sense of achievement and purpose. We act because something tells us we’re not enough. Sometimes we burn out. Sometimes we crash. And just maybe we’re so busy on our agenda, we miss the very thing that is intended to make all the difference.
Then there are those of us who, in the name of humility, will not step up to the plate…
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