Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Brave

I'm linking up with Lisa Jo at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday with the writing prompt


I'm a writer. I have only on-line publications at this point, yet from the very marrow of my bone I know that this is what I was created to do. I know the uneasiness of an idea floating around until it hits the screen. I know the synergy of writing until the thought is fully crafted. And I know the satisfaction of reading the outcome of little pieces that came together in an extraordinary way, as though somebody else's fingers took over and I'm just reading the finished product. I know what it feels like to breathe deep with satisfaction, with chills, with a smile, with laughter. Or to lose a breath with tears.

I don't know what the big picture holds and frankly, to go here and admit that this is who I am and what I desperately want is scary. Because what if I'm not good enough, clever enough, poignant enough, dynamic enough? Yet, in spite of these doubts, this is who I am and I choose to continue to take the small steps in faithfulness to this vocation. And fear won't overcome me. It won't tell me I'm not doing enough because, in this season of life, I choose to do what I can. It won't tell me I'm not good enough because what I have boiling within only I can give.

I choose to trust and believe in the picture that I cannot see, parts that I may never see, don't have to see, in order to forge forward into the wondrous unknown.

*I may have totally made up my own definition for synergy in this five minute bust! But just so you understand, I'm using it in terms of my knowledge, experience, and creativity working together, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to create the whole. Does that work? 


  1. I do not believe I have ever been here... but I am glad I found you. This post speaks to my heart... as I have just barely begun blogging... and I still keep the idea of me being a writer at arms length.. but I think it is something God is asking me to embrace... the thought makes me want to run the other way... for now, I journal...

    Thanks for this... laying bare your heart.. it encouraged me today.

  2. i feel the exact. same. way. I know i need to write. sometimes I am surprised what I have written down before me, because I don't remember those words coming out of me...yet, I don't know that it will be "enough" to make commercial success of it...but I know that this is how my heart speaks.

  3. First off, you are a writer! Man, oh man.

    However, you are also brave.

    For admitting the dreams God has placed in your heart here, for writing from your soul, for putting yourself out there. It makes a girl vulnerable, yes?

    Thank you sweet, Theresa for encouraging us to be brave.

  4. I related to this so much. I feel so vulnerable in my writing, wondering the same things you do. Sometimes it takes bravery to put it out there for everyone to see.

  5. It's an intimidating and freeing thing to embrace, being a writer, isn't it?! We affect those around us though and it's generous of you to share your thoughts with the rest of us. Have you ever visited It's a great blog for writers. I've really grown as I practice writing in community over there.

  6. Bless you for sharing your heart.

  7. I agree with Amy.. you ARE a writer. A beautiful writer. And God will give you all the courage you need to keep writing for Him word by word. Love the way you share your heart and your dreams. I'm dreaming with you!


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