Sunday, May 27, 2012

Geared up for Summer

We have the freezer stocked with frozen treats, books out, prize boxes filled, and just four days left until summer vacation!

Some Highlights

*Service Project: we're kicking off the summer with a group service project: last year we invited friends over and partnered with Craft Hope in making bracelets for orphanages in Russia.

This year I've contemplated keeping it local and having children make art together and then take it to a local nursing home's Alzheimer unit.

*Vacation: we've already gotten in two camping trips and are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon later in the summer.

*Summer Reading Program: we're implementing our own summer reading program

We'll read all summer long, but will have a special three-week incentive program. I got the idea for it last year here. Our kids loved this last summer! Robby was anticipating it already again at the beginning of May . They love it because they get to pick a prize every day. But also because they really do get immersed in the reading they/we do.

*Scripture memorization:

I've chosen the first section of the Sermon on the Mount, which is the Beatitudes, for the children to memorize over the summer. How far they get will be determined by each one's age. 

I'm still thinking through the incentive for this, but I want to incorporate tickets for a date with mom, a date with dad, invite a friend over to play, etc. That way we're working in that quality time that we desire to make time for, too!

Our Weeks Agenda

I found this cute little schedule last year here for each week

Monday: Craft Day

We'll pull out the paints, glitter, clay, glue, scissors, (maybe even the sowing machine), etc. and get creative with a different fun project each week!

Tuesday: Service Day

This may be making thoughtful notes for family, visiting a nursing home, or helping someone in need.

Wednesday: in the Kitchen Day

We'll try out new creations and recipes. My children love getting creative in the kitchen! 

Thursday: Reading Day

We'll make a weekly trip to the library.

Friday: Fun Day

This will be our water play day: pools, fountains, water guns, slip and slides...

For the most part, much of our weekly agenda will take only part of the morning and plenty of time will be left for outdoor fun!


Activities are limited to a week long morning soccer camp for our oldest in June, baseball a couple evenings a week until mid-July for him, ballet through mid-June for our oldest daughter, and private swimming lessons for both.

I like to take advantage of time together over the summer so we try to keep individual activities at a minimum. I love to see the relationships of my children grow and imaginations soar when they have books to stimulate their imagination and time for uninterrupted play to act out all of their new adventures. Summer time around here is a time of relaxation and fun with a little structure to keep everyone in the know of what to expect, as the days can run into each other easily and quickly without a plan.

We hope to fit in plenty of exploration, playing in our back yard, parks with friends, tennis with grandpa, and getting wet with cousins - A LOT!

I am a believer in making a plan and then working it out flexibly. So, this is our plan. We'll see how it all pans out!

What are your plans this summer?!

Continuing to count with Ann...
boys camping in the mountain snow
time with just the girls
the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the beautiful way He works in our lives
deepening friendships through accountability
a child waking early to join me in my time of scripture reading
children's imaginations, camping out in one bedroom last night making tents and using clothes and Lincoln Logs to build a fire
redemptive moments
the wisdom and blessing of a mother
the sacrifice of our veterans, soldiers, and their families


  1. Oh, I'm inspired by your summer organization! I'm still trying to gain a clear vision for our time and we're already 3 days in. Funny, when my kids were little, I used to map it all out and now I find they have so many ideas that I just tag along and cheer them on! I LOVE your reading program- we've always done one, too. As a family we try to read 1000 minutes and as the kids clock reading minutes they "buy" their own ticket for our annual family trip to a nearby amusement park. I'm really longing to push more scripture memory, too. Love your cute cards to keep track of it all. You are one amazing mommy! Blessings on your summer, friend.

  2. Simplicity can bring so many memories to last a lifetime. Great stuff!

  3. Wonderful! You're a great mom and Christian! What a wonderful plan for the summer.

  4. I love all your summer fun ideas, and I am "stealing" the weekly agenda :) Sounds like a fun-filled summer for you and your family.

    Blessings to you!

  5. What great ideas! You have inspired me!

  6. Of course you know I love that you are declaring Tuesday service day! Oh, and I'm all about keeping service local. Why shouldn't your kids get to know the people they are serving.

    Oh, and have I mentioned your summer organization makes me a tad jealous? Can't wait to hear how all of this unfolds.

  7. THeresa...this is impressive...lots of fun with some structure to keep things moving in a productive way...I could have used this when my kids were young...and can I say...a little envious of your camping at the Grand Canyon... awesome. blessings to you as you kick off a great summer~

  8. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more blessings

  9. I want to come live at your house this summer.

  10. Sounds like awesome plans! Grand Canyon is beautiful - I hope to return there some day. Enjoy the summer!

  11. We want to come to your house this summer! Sounds like lots of fun!

    Mary Beth

  12. I keep seeing plans for the summer and I am more and more motivated to make one! Maybe that's something the kids and I will sit down and do today! Thanks for the links to the great ideas you've found work for y'all! Stoppin by from the link up ;)

  13. I love all the things you have planned. What wonderful ideas :) Thanks for sharing! I hope to have even half as productive summer as you :)

  14. Wow, are you organized. I am impressed. Hope you have a great summer with your littles. It looks like you are definitely off to a good start.

  15. Reading your post brought back so many wonderful memories of summer vacays with prize baskets, reading, crafts, and play... oh how they grow up so quickly - enjoy every moment! stopping by from OHYT

  16. Thanks for stopping by Our Adventure with this post about your summer! Thanks for sharing!


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