Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I've Been a Peter

I see storms rolling in as I look to the horizon. As I gaze out a while, I suddenly notice that the winds are already swirling around me, and I take my eyes off Jesus.

I've been a Peter; only less courageous. I've had one foot in the boat and one foot out and I've been consumed by the wind tossing the waves and rain hitting me like sleet threatening my view.

He's invited me to get out of the boat, to believe, and walk through the turbulence, keeping my focus solely on Him, who stands firm in the midst of any storm.

But I confess, I've been paralyzed by an ocean seemingly bigger and more powerful than my little ole' belief.

I've allowed by heart to be troubled. I have feared that if I step out, I will get sucked in by the first crashing wave. I've doubted that if I walk through the turbulence I will actually reach Him; worried that He will have shifted His position and I won't really know where He is. Or worse, I will deny who He is.

I'm disillusioned like the waves surrounding me, blown and tossed by the wind. What can I expect to receive from Him? If I step out, I will surely drown in my doubt.

I've sought out a safe place, but this boat is rocking and it can't save me either.

So, I must go where He leads because if I can't believe in the miracle of walking on water, I'll scramble for anything to save me; and it'll all fail me. The current that sucks one in is too great. He is the only Way. 

Lord, help me to see you through the storms of this life. Help me to believe that when you call my name, I can step out, anchored in truth and, with eyes set on you, manage the impossible. Though crashing waves surround me, they will not touch me. They cannot hinder me from reaching You.

It is in my belief in who You say You are and in what You ask of me that makes this ocean, that so easily swallows up, powerless over me.

*How have you been a Peter in your life? Have their been circumstances that caused you to lose focus of Jesus? Have their been storms that have muffled His voice? Where ever you are in your belief, all you have to do is cry out to Him and He will save you!

Scriptural support:
Matthew 14: 21-34
John 14:1
James 1:6
James 1:17

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  1. smiles...facing those fears...i have found in my greatest leaps it is a mixture of fear and excitement...and then faith...

  2. Love this line-"So, I must go where He leads because if I can't believe in the miracle of walking on water, I'll scramble for anything to save me" and your honesty, dear friend.
    I can't count the number of times I've scrambled for anything but the LIFE PRESERVER as I've stood one foot on the sea and one foot in my comfort zone. Praying increased FAITH for both of us!

  3. This was really what I need to read tonight, thank you!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful and inspiring post! Sometimes He calms the storm, and sometimes He calms His child -- either way, may we keep our eyes fixed on Him.
    Thanks so much for commenting on Hard Wired for God -- my guest post at Beholding Glory. Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow mine, Saved by Grace:
    Love in Him,
    Laurie Collett

  5. Does it ever get any easier, this stepping out of the boat, this looking ahead - or will our eyes always be drawn earthward if we even blink? I'm not sure, but I think you have the right attitude, the kind of humility which is pleasing to God and the kind of honesty all can relate to. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That rocky boat that tosses us around life. I usually stay huddled down in the boat until I am forced to move and then usually it isn't a willing step out. It's more of the water tossing me into the waves.

    A post we can all relate to for sure. Taking chances and trusting God.

  7. This is awesome! I've been a Peter, too. I can totally relate.

  8. Theresa...Yes...if I can’t believe in the walking on water...if our faith isn’t big...we settle for something so far less...less than He ever intends. Blessings and peace as you learn to walk on the water...eyes fixed on Jesus.

  9. Yes, I have been a Peter, too many times to count. And it makes me sorrowful just thinking about it. I can't imagine anyone can't relate to this post. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for such an eye opening post. I'm struggling to keep my eyes fixed on Him even now. This is an encouragement. May the Lord bless you, and may your mind and eyes remain fixed on Him always.

  11. "So, I must go where He leads because if I can't believe in the miracle of walking on water, I'll scramble for anything to save me; and it'll all fail me. The current that sucks one in is too great. He is the only Way."

    That paragraph speaks volumes, especially the part about scrambling for substitutes to save.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful post!

  12. I've been a Peter...often walking on eggshells and not being bold as He would have me be...thanks for the reminder to focus on Jesus...He is the way maker!

  13. this brought tears. this week has been one big storm. thank you theresa. xo

  14. Been there! Thanks for the encouraging reminder. Stopping by from Beholding glory.

  15. Can't tell you how many times I have clung to the boat instead of bidding His call to come. Beautifully written.

  16. Oh yes, I have been afraid to step out of that boat. And times when I have stepped out and took my focus off Jesus. it is comforting to know that He is always there when we call.



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