Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Plane and the Little Ways He Loves Us

Every thirty minutes, on the half hour and the hour, a plane would come in for landing. As a child, the few times I was in an airport waiting for a loved one to land, I recall watching those planes coming in one after another. How fascinated I was by the world I witnessed through those large glass windows of the LaGuardia Airport. Plane watching instantly became one of my favorite things. There was just something about it that my spirit connected with, maybe longed for. The taking off, soaring through the sky - an unknown destination - and the coming in for landing. A wonder that had me captivated.

The next time I would spend time in an airport would be from a different perspective, as an adult, trying to get somewhere, with little time, and maybe interest, for watching. As I was taking off, in many ways in my own life, I didn't recognize that little pleasure of gazing out in wonder in the same way again.

Until recently.

In one area of my life, I had taken off, soared through several unknowns, and then landed in this beautiful paradise of my own family; in a home where, just today, I sat on my back deck, where my eyes were opened and spirit taken back. With children busy in the yard, all attention was soon directed to the soaring sound of a plane coming in for landing; the airport in our small town just past our subdivision. I rarely notice those planes, even now. They don't take off or come in for landing very often around here and so I only seem to notice them, at a glance, once in a while.

However today, I watched from the point the plane came in to view to the point it went out of view, descending ever so close to us, remembering the delight I felt as a child. And in remembering I thought how ironic, that here I was, able to watch the planes come in for landing just by looking out the large picture window of my home.

Coincidence? I think not. I smile from my own landing and think, "I think Jesus loves me this much; enough to give me even the littlest pleasures in life to remind me of a little girl sitting in an airport gazing out in wonder." A person should never forget the wonder that makes them believe something bigger than themselves.

The littlest things we can so easily overlook, but oh, how He shows us in so many of those ways just how He loves us.


  1. I love it when He speaks to me in those quiet moments. Thanks for sharing this. I am so encouraged by it -- asking Him to speak to me in the stillness this week.

  2. Wonder often comes in little things.

  3. cool is that...nothing is random eh? we used to live by the airport and my wife and i (before kids) would go park by the fence at the end of the run way and watch them pass...smiles.

  4. this is my first time here . . . and what an introduction. beautiful picture you have painted of a God who is not too big to stoop and help us remember just how big He really is. He knows the end from the beginning and all our times are in His hand.

    blessings on your sweet family.

  5. Planes don't do it for me, but I think that's the whole point; we all have our little (odd) things, and I think you're right: He cares. He knows just what they are, and He slings them our way. :)

  6. What a beautiful post! I agree - God loves us so much to bless us with what seem like small things, but things which fill our heart to overflowing sometimes!
    Stopping by from Katherine's Corner - new follower. The blog I linked up is at
    Have a great day!

  7. Wonder, it is something we lose as adults I am afraid. And I love how God helps us to remember those things that bring us joy and point to greater truth at just the right time.

  8. Love the title of your blog. I'm a new follower from and would love if you followed me back!

  9. Theresa, this is just captivating. I love your sharing what stirred you as a little girl -- capturing that here, and rejoicing in the gifts He gives in these beautiful moments and the thankfulness of His helping us see the gift, too. Thank you! Just beautiful.

  10. I think it's often the little things that God uses the most to speak to us. Lovely post.

    Thanks for linking up this week.


  11. It is beautiful how He speaks to you and how you write it down.
    Thank you for these reflections :)

  12. Wishing you many soft landings Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things Hop. I appreciate your bloggy friendship xo

  13. What a wonderful post, Theresa. A good reminder to keep our eyes open to see God's gifts.


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