Monday, May 21, 2012

On Heading in One Direction and Devil's Tower

There is nothing that thrills me more than our family headed in one direction; not one off to work, two off to two different schools, and two home with me, but all setting out on a journey. together. It just does a heart good.

So often, even with school and just one activity, creativity gets traded for exhaustion and we miss simple expressions of a well-nurtured heart. Lately I hear a diva attitude ringing over the sweet sounds of Alexa singing and witness tears about whose been in his toys more so than witnessing Robby's natural ability to lead imaginative play. 

However, with all of this beautiful weather, we started our summer season early with a camping trip this past weekend to Devil's Tower and experienced the joy in just being together.

Different Faces of Devil's Tower

The Mile Hike

Junior Ranger Discoveries

Ice Cream Break Back at Camp

The Go-to Imaginative World of Star Wars

The Spaceship

Chillin' Over Breakfast in the Camper

Aside of hiking around Devil's Tower, the children played beautifully together. Any chance they got, they would head to the playground, the Star Wars zone; where the oldest looked out for the youngest and these three older ones of a five-year span played with a combined and cooperative imagination. This warms my heart to no end. When they weren't at the park, the older two had a continual game of uno going.

Devil's Tower was pretty cool, as I'm sure the Grand Canyon will be awesome at the end of July for us; yet for them, that little park, where their imaginations soared, was the highlight of the trip. And for us, the destination will always be exciting, interesting, and educational; yet, none-the-less, act as the catalyst for the real value happening, building unadulterated relationship.

When we arrived home on Sunday, the children played one last round of Star Wars before bed and kept their experience alive.

This morning we went in four different directions again. Yet, Alexa sang from the back seat all the way to school.

Counting with Ann today...
family time
sheer excitement
continuous imaginative play
connect four and uno
children looking out for one another
building relationship
building tradition
junior ranger programs
a hopeful trail run around Devil's Tower


  1. Thank you for letting us take part in your trip :-)

  2. I love the sweet pictures...oh yes...all matter how old they will allows warm a mother’s heart like nothing else. blessings to you~

  3. They are precious, still so little and I too love those times away where we are all on the same journey, not going in a hundred directions. You fostered some wonderful memories for everyone.

  4. Sounds like you had a "Close Encounter of a Family Kind."

  5. I agree with you; I'm always so happy & content when we all go to spend the day together instead of the usual day to day where all of us are apart frequently. .. I'm glad you guys had a good trip!

  6. The pictures are really beautiful! I am glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you :)

  7. I know what you mean. I like when our family all heads in one direction to one place. Your pictures are beautiful.

  8. Your photos are amazing. I love family time! Looking forward to a family trip to Custer State Park this summer :)
    Thank you for leading our small group with SDG!

  9. beautiful photos! You have a lovely family, friend. :)

  10. I love those moments when God gathers us together and we can see how He dwells among us.

  11. Oh, this is just beautiful Theresa. I treasure these moments, too, when that closeness of being together is celebrated. Love all your precious photos. Thank you.

  12. What beautiful moments that you have shared... what a blessing :)

    We are still counting too... :)

  13. Looks like a wonderful trip, and the view looks amazing! (We were thinking of the Grand Canyon this summer too... but maybe next year? You'll have to tell us all about it!)

  14. Thanks for sharing your trip and the resulting memories with us. Made me think of trips past with our kids (now 40, 36 and 34 -- YIKES!). Enjoy the time together whenever you can. :)

  15. we are big adventurers at our place! I am happy to "meet" you and your cute family - love your sweet gifts

  16. Sounds like a beautiful day! I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon -- can't wait to hear about your trip. :)

  17. What a beautiful way to begin the summer--all in one direction. And such a beautiful family! Lovely!


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