Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Declaring a Bit of God's Glory {Part 2}

I'm sharing about our seventeen day vacation to ten national parks and today we hit the climax of our destinations. If you missed part 1, click here to see the first five national parks. 

Now, on to the climax of our destinations:

The Grand Canyon

On our first evening in the Grand Canyon, we took a family bike ride to the south rim. The way the sun lit up the wall was amazing and quite the introduction for me.

The next morning, Rob and I rose at 6 a.m., left the kids with Grandma, and we biked along the south rim to a trail head, which we ran down and hiked back up. This really sealed the experience for me.

There's the Colorado River

The next morning, I rose at 6 a.m., once again, to sneak out and take some shots just after sunrise.

Although the exposure did not let enough light through for detail, I loved these silhouette outcomes. Just look at the layering of the canyon!

And some mid-morning shots...

the Colorado River in the center of the photo

It is impossible, to say the least, to grasp the vast depth of the Grand Canyon. Shots I captured were just a nook and cranny of the vast landscape. I think that was the greatest discovery for me - that the Grand Canyon is a landscape, with canyons within the canyon, rather than just one big canyon. It was truly awesome to see, but even better to experience. So if you plan to go, take your bike or plan a hike into the canyon!

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  1. I want to go!!! Your photos are breath taking! Welcome back :)


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