Friday, September 13, 2013

The Final Ingredient

Yesterday was one of those mornings where we pushed through having an aching tummy, lack of motivation and sleepiness to complete our schooling. By the time lunch had rolled around I was feeling a bit stir crazy, so I threw together a picnic lunch, threw history and journals into a bag and set out to an unknown destination for lunch and for our last subject of the day.

We all enjoyed the music filling the SUV, from "Around the World," as I simply took a right at each turn, which was only two turns where we live, and ended up driving through the next small town of Big Horn less than ten minutes later.  We followed the road out toward the Big Horn Mountains and took our final turn, left, at the Bradford Brinton Memorial and Museum.

Upon arriving, I spoke with staff about what our options were for our visit and we were given permission to eat our lunch on the patio of the Brinton Ranch House/museum since it was off-season, which was most delightful.

After lunch we walked through the gallery. My children most respectfully whispered their "Oohs," and "Awes," throughout the open gallery. We certainly were the most fascinated and vocal group of on-lookers in a room of about half a dozen other visitors.

Finally, we toured the museum, the Ranch House of Bradford Brinton.

The children truly were fascinated by how one lived one hundred years ago. Drew was most fascinated by the fact that there was no television in the house, that Mr. Brinton most likely never watched movies and if he did, it would have been a movie without sound (big shriek and wows on that one)!

After visiting for a couple of hours we all piled back into the SUV satisfied.

We never did open our History lesson, however we had History and we had Art. But more importantly, we had Wonder, the final ingredient to waking up minds and bringing education to life.


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