Friday, September 6, 2013

What We're Up to

After three years of praying, two years of researching, and the last year preparing, we decided to jump into home-based education for our children! After the first week of school, I can safely say that the blessings are pouring far heavier than the tears.

The first couple of days were hard. The next day worked. To be honest one week of this has given meaning to the cliche that homeschooling is not for everyone. It has given meaning to the statement that homeschooling brings you daily to your knees. And it has given meaning to things I've read like, if you do not know your God-given purpose in this, you will give up.  This isn't easy. But, we know our purpose.

I'm confident, too, that it will get easier as we adjust to the routines and find our daily rhythm, which is already happening. 

I also understand, after a week of this, that for anyone to say, "I couldn't do that," I'd say, "You're right." Because choosing this path, if lead to it, will change you. You will be turned inside out and every weakness will be revealed, and where you can't, grace will slip in and redemption enter and you'll grow through it. And what you were striving for through your homeschool will bless you a thousand times over just because you said yes. 

I already know this after one week of it.

Some of the joys already have been being showered with kisses and flowers from our garden by my children, even on the hardest day. We face our struggles and see them through. We learn patience and accountability. We tie themes together throughout our day. The youngest are jumping in, hungry to learn with the older. We work hard. We accept responsibility. We cooperate. We love. These are happening.

It's not just academics we strive to excel in. There is so much more being gained here. So much. 

Here is a glimpse into our school room. I never thought we'd actually use it, but it keeps us focused and we love it.

And that's what we're up to around here.

And continuing to count gifts of gratitude with Ann:

For the privilege of training and educating children at home
God working on our children's hearts in embracing the changes
School room prepared
Supportive friends and family
The wonder of a child
persistance through valley's and lifted up to new and stronger faith
He making all things new
grace and redemption - daily
the ability to study my children
being showered with kisses and flowers
settling into schedules
eleven years with my man

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  1. Theresa, I love this! As a fellow homeschool mom, I can attest to the fact that homeschooling can be difficult at times, but what a blessing it is. I can't tell you the number of times I would have missed out on awesome conversations with my children if they had been in a different educational setting during the day. I praise the Lord everyday for this opportunity and seek His guidance continually.

    Your homeschool room is fantastic! Thank you for sharing the pictures and your thoughts about your first week as a homeschool mom. I know you'll do well and I'm excited to hear more about your homeschool adventures in the days ahead.

  2. Good for you, Theresa! When Nolan was an only child, I refused to homeschool, because I wanted him in a classroom surrounded with other kids. I wanted him to learn that he doesn't get to go first at everything, like he does at home... I wanted him to learn that he would sometimes have to stand in line to sharpen his pencil... that sort of thing. Now, with Nash... I'm actually tossing the homeschool idea round. I think it's a lifestyle I'd like, so we'll see what happens over the next four years, before he's ready for kindergarten!

    Good luck, and I love that y'all are doing Bible time and devotions (but then... I knew you would be!). That's the best part of a homeschool education!

  3. Glad you stepped out in faith to school at home. We take it day by day. It's a journey that is so worth the effort. We are schooling our youngest now in 6th grade. I wouldn't trade one day of it even though at times I wanted to quit. ;)

  4. What are the clothespins for on the different subjects under each child's name?

  5. Hi Heather! They are to help the kids stay accountable to their subjects throughout the day. When they complete a subject they would pin that card to the opposite side. I see it being beneficial for more independent study, which we are not quite there yet. Thanks for asking!

  6. It's such an exciting journey, you will never regret it!

  7. Take your time getting used to it. It will get easier and even more fun. :)


  8. I am so excited for you about this journey you are on. Your school room is beautiful, but your heart, even more so.

  9. Many blessings to you as you begin this new journey.
    Visiting from Jen's.

  10. Well said. ♥ My almost 15 year old said recently that yes, we have hard days, but the good ones far outweigh the bad. (This is his 9th year of homeschooling!) I hope and pray you have a most blessed first year of home school and many more to come. ♥


    P.S. It was nice to visit with you the other day!

  11. Hi Theresa, It's Karen Maris. I don't even really know how I stumbled upon your blog this morning, I guess it was a God thing. ;) But I happily read about your journey into Homeschool, and smiled to see all the cute pics. I wish you and your family well, and want to add that I admire you for taking it on. Tell Robby hi for me. Let me know if I can help in any way at all! Best wishes.


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