Friday, May 29, 2009

Tough Choices

Even up to the last day of school, Robby's Pre-K teacher is stating that she struggles back and forth with her recommendation to send Robby to Kindergarten when he is six rather than next fall. She is wonderful and I appreciate her honesty. We are learning a lot about Robby through this period. Robby continues to blow her away with things that he comes up with. She says over and over again, "He is sooo bright, he's one of a kind, she has not had a child quite like him before, he is going to do so well in school." Academically, he is more than ready to go. However, we made a long and hard, thought-out decision to wait a year. She and we felt that a year would give him an edge emotionally, socially, and physically...a little more time to mature, which theoretically, would allow those areas to better serve his academic strengths. We feel good about that yet, the reality is there are going to be pros and cons with whichever choice we make. It is so hard when it comes to your child and their well-being. I just want!!!

In hind-sight, we will know. For now, trust. God knows.

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  1. I have had glimpes of confirmation that yes, we are making the right decision.


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