Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet Quotes

Is There Anything that Warms My Heart More?
Robby (five) is upset over something and Alexa (almost three) comes up to him, sits right next to him, puts her arm around him and rubs his hair from behind, then very sympathetically states, "Don't cry, Robby. Your my brother!" And repeats several times, "But, your my brother!"
Alexa- "Mom, will you rub my back?"
Mom- "No, honey, not today. I need you to go to sleep now."
Alexa- "But, mom, you have to. It's your job."

Playing House
Alexa- "Mommy, Robby and I are playing mommy and daddy! Robby is the daddy and I'm sweetheart."


  1. Daddy and sweetheart...too cute. I love when they assign us certain roles, like backrubber. :D

    So sweet to read these today!
    ~ Wendy

  2. It's amazing to view the world through child's eyes! Thanks for sharing!


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