Monday, December 12, 2011

How We Incorporate Santa Claus

I didn't grow up believing in Santa Claus. For us, it was all about Jesus and that was good. It was necessary. and it was the hard times that taught us what Christmas was really about.

Sisters wrapping our own favorite toys in shirts and night gowns to put under the tree because there was nothing under the tree that year and Santa wasn't coming. But we had each other and we had Jesus, and still do.

Yet, we were kids - mere children - and we felt the weight of the world that year, and learned early on that Christmas was not about the luxuries, but about being together and giving of ourselves.

It was in those tough times that the gift of Jesus was made most real to us.

And I want my children to know Jesus more than anything in this world. But I also want them to experience the joys of childhood; the excitement of the unknown, the mystery of Santa Claus. Yes! We do that here. I enjoy my children using their imaginations, believing in possibilities and impossibilities. A luxury that doesn't define Christmas for us, but one we delight in giving.

Is it a lie? Will they think Jesus a lie, too?

To the contrary, I believe that when our children figure out that Santa Claus does not really ride through the sky and swoosh down chimney's, that they will understand that Santa may not be the real mystery but in the same way they put a child's faith in the unseen with Santa Claus, they can put their faith in the unseen King of kings. and He will be seen on a cloud in the sky and He is miraculously right here with us.

How do I know they'll believe that Jesus is real after the bomb of Santa Claus is dropped (I hear it is much more subtle than that)? Because we live it every day in this house. And I believe they know from the very depths of their being what and who is real even at their ripe, young age. Especially at their ripe, young age.

And maybe that is why it is not such a let down when they are old enough to know Santa is not real. Maybe somewhere deep they've always known or at least longer than they have wanted to admit.

And so, yes, we do Santa Claus here. But, we do Jesus bigger. We work harder to remember He is the reason for the season and it really is his birthday we are celebrating. And we talk about why we give gifts - because Jesus gave us the greatest gift of all. And just like we give others wrapped presents, we can give others Jesus, too.

We talk about St. Nicholas and how Santa has evolved from this real man who lived a life of serving Christ by looking after the children and giving to the needy.

And right now, we have a tree full of wrapped presents underneath. Nothing yet that we have bought, but rather our children's own things that they have wrapped for each other. Because, yes, they like to see gifts under the tree. But, also because they, too, know the joy of giving.

And we understand that there are needy in this world, and that Santa may not be able to reach those who are the very most in need. And we try to do our part by giving to a family. And we pray for those who do not have the luxury of simple childhood joys. And we realize this all just points right back to Christ anyway because without him, in spite of all of the gifts we receive under the tree, we really have nothing and in him we actually have everything.

continuing to count gifts of gratitude...

these times where money has no measure
finding the joy in giving
completing Christmas shopping
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  1. As soon as I read the title of this post, I knew I had to clickity click over.

    Glad I did as I learned not only more about your Santa views, but about you! My favorite line from this post is yes, we do Santa Claus here, but we do Jesus bigger. That's a good summary of the whole thing.

    Thanks for your words, friend.

  2. I came in through my reader too, drawn in by you and your sisters and the lean Christmas...we are lean this year, by the reality of transition and Santa is being heard more and we are still figuring it all out, so I love your thoughts and the freedom and Jesus as bigger and just all of the most important so at the core...and I love you and your heart that blesses me in many ways!

  3. This post just speaks to my heart. I think you are right on with your celebration. I"m with Amy--love that line about doing Jesus bigger! That's good stuff.

  4. I love the line "yes, we do Santa Claus here, but we do Jesus bigger." You have a beautiful heart, and your children are blessed.

  5. I'm with you 100% here on this subject. Santa isn't what Christmas is about it's Jesus birthday. But, the story of where Santa came about is a lovely story in that he was all about helping the poor. It is a great message.

    We do Christmas with a cake and candles and sing to Jesus happy birthday. It's a special moment even those with us who don't know Jesus they look forward to this each year.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. having raised a family and now watching my grands... there is room for much... living faith makes all real to the little ones... speaks volumes to them... as for Santa... he gave to the poor one time revealing the gift of giving... may his memory kneel before the Christ child... glad you've found room for both

  7. I never did do Santa :) But I wasn't harmed by my own mom doing it!

  8. Wonderful post! I especially loved this part "How do I know they'll believe that Jesus is real after the bomb of Santa Claus is dropped (I hear it is much more subtle than that)? Because we live it every day in this house."
    Glad I read this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for just addressing this topic instead of dancing around it.. we, too, savor the story of Santa by telling the tale of the REAL St. Nick and by doing Jesus in BIG WAYS.. I don't think Santa takes anything away from Christ.. he's just one more small piece of a tapestry that's far too rich and beautiful to be "tarnished" by a jolly guy in a red suit. I think Jesus was jolly, too! Joy just does that to us :)

  10. I like your balanced approach and like even more your intentionality in parenting.


  11. I just had to come back and tell you that I have thought of this post a lot this week. I am just so glad I read it. I grew up doing Santa and LOVED believing. My husband and I, though, have struggled with not wanting Santa to take away from Jesus. As parents we feel the weight and responsibility of raising them in a God-honoring way and want to have Jesus central to everything. This post was so freeing and refreshing to read. We can do Santa, but Jesus bigger. And they will still believe in Jesus (when the bottom drops out about Santa) because we live Jesus out every day. Your words really spoke to me. So, thanks!


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