Monday, February 20, 2012

Lost In My Wanderings {A Dream}

I had a dream.

I dreamed I had set out on an errand
and became distracted by other things.
I wandered off then didn't know
if I should turn around or
if I was far enough around
a loop to keep going.
When I finally found my way back,
it was much later than expected
and still I had not done
what I had set out to do.
When I arrived home,
I didn't have the things
I needed to make
the rest of the day
flow as planned.
All of the family was gracious,
receiving me without judgement,
yet my man was headed out
and I missed out on time with him.
And he reminded me of something
I had completely forgotten
in my wanderings.
Although he was loving
and we all kept proceeding in our day,
some things were simply missed out on.
More was lost when I became lost. 

I wonder how much time in a day we exploit with mindless wanderings, be it the computer, TV, cell phone, spending, gossiping, ______(you fill in the blank)?

I wonder how many relations and purposeful moments we lose out on when distracted by these meaningless things?

Not all who wander are lost, no. Yet, this is a different kind of wandering.

These wanderings can be subtle, even seemingly important, when in the form of business. However, they are anything that causes us to lose focus of our purpose and break our attention from our priorities.

Nobody directly calls us on it and we can even be unaware as we proceed throughout our days. But important details, moments, and callings are missed in these particular wanderings.

This is too important for me to overlook so, I'll be focusing on intentional living over the next weeks. I hope you'll join the conversation so that, together, we can persevere in our challenges and encourage one another!
A Portrait of Intentionality
Sharing with Finding Heaven, A Pause on the Path, Seedlings in Stone, and The Wellspring
{Thank you sweet friend, Melanie, at Our Journey Home, for the shout out on your blog today!}


  1. yes. all those things that distract take away from the true meaning in our days. let's be intentional. thanks for the reminder.

  2. Yes! I want to journey with you. I've been thinking about what to give up for Lent and multitasking has crossed my mind.

  3. Uh-oh. I know just what you're talking about... Guilty as charged. I want to do better too.

  4. That resonates with my heart for sure. It makes me sad but hopeful all at once. An invitation to reclaim days, thank you. I love those little fists gripped tight in determination!

  5. I am back from my three week break and am glad to be reading your blog again. Living intentionally is a favorite topic of mine.


  6. oh yes, the missing is so hard...these days are so precious. so thankful with you for His grace and his grace and their grace and the invitation always coming to be present and love. Great theme for these weeks too!

  7. sweet picture:) much time wasted...I really need to be more in tuned with my moments...making them count...great post.

  8. I've been feeling this too, trying to be intentionally present to those around me. I do get distracted, so easily and I know I miss moments of grace. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Oh.. conviction. Thank you for spurring challenging thoughts. Can't wait to hear more of your musings on this topic. Blessings as you step into today with intentionality

  10. You have thoroughly convicted me here. I miss out on so much of life because i get distracted so easy. Thank you for this.

  11. Just look at that tiny little person of intent cuteness! That photo is enough to make me read your words twice and take a long slow inventory of how I spend my minutes. I do my fair share of wandering, but the Lord is always pulling me closer, deeper.

    Such a lovely, lovely post.

  12. One night my husband and I were out to dinner, and I found myself distracted. I told him, "I'm editing sentences in my head." He said, "I know." I want to be like that sweet girl in your picture. Great post.

  13. Thank you for this beautiful post and reminding us to stay on task. It is so easy to get distracted sometimes and miss out on some of the most important things of the day. Many blessings to you!


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